3 Removalist Job: Heavy Furniture Removal and Large Move Perth

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Large relocation in Perth? How do I know how many movers I need for my move?

If you have a large relocation (more than 4 bedrooms house, any house removal with bad access, apartment removal or anything heavy to lift), you might ask for three removalists for your job.

Below is what we advice to our customer:


For safety and efficiency reasons: for any move bigger than 50 cubic meters, with pick up or delivery upstairs or with any heavy items (> 100 kg) we allocate 3 removalists. (additional mover + $30 per hour).

The final bill will be the same, the move will be processed faster then. Please get in touch with our operations team for any advice.

Why 3 removalists for your house move to Perth?

  • If a large volume, the process will be better and the movers will be faster.
  • We can’t ask removalist to work more than 10 hours per day. Better work fewer hours with more energy and power 
  • If anything heavy, it is compulsory to have more than 2 guys. OHS in Australia advice not to lift more than 30 kg per workers.

If any doubt, you can ask our operation crew for any pieces of advice.

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