#3 Tips for Moving In-Out Storage Units in Perth (2020)

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If you decided to store your items in storage units for a certain period due to miscellaneous reasons, Kroos Logistics Removals can help you with your move and give you some helpful tips regarding this operation.

Helpful Tips for Moving In-Out Operation Storage Unit

  1. Choose the right Storage units provider
  2. Choose the correct Storage units.
  3. Storage Protection of your items.

Now, let’s understand all three in-depth

Choose the right Storage Units professional

There are many reputable providers around Perth.

#4 Points Checklist for storage units selection

  1. Check the reviews to select one.
  2. Location is very important. Choose one close to your pick up place or halfway from pick up and delivery as your removalists will charge you an hourly rate (if there is more drive it will be more costly).
  3. Check if they have insurance for the storage of your items. Ask about safety and security too (gate, fences, camera or security run)
  4. Ask about the access (code for the gate) and opening time. You and the moving company need to have access early morning and late afternoon if needed.

Choose the correct size of the storage unit

It is primordial to choose the right size of a storage unit for your move to make it cheaper. The storage unit office can advise you, same for your removalist. Kroos Logistics will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this.

  • The walking access to your unit has to be checked.
  • Sometimes you will pay less money for a storage unit second floor (access with lift) and a long walk but you have to think that the moving company will take more time to load and unload.
  • We prefer direct access to your storage unit (with less distance) as this is cheaper for you and easier for us.

Storage (Unit) Protection of your Items

  • Your moving company won’t provide any protection for your furniture. Regarding the loading in your storage unit, we will need some empty boxes, old bed-sheets, towels or any protection.
  • We use the empty boxes to put in between the furniture or on top to avoid scratches or damages.
  • You can find cheap 2nd hand boxes on Gumtree if needed OR you can also take a look into our quality packing boxes available in various size at affordable price.
  • You can buy some removal blanket protection in any hardware store too.

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As your items might stay in storage for a certain time, we recommend :

{#4} Recommendation For Your Item Protection Inside Storage Units

  1. Buy plastic protection for mattress and lounge or sofa.
  2. Plastic wrap or bubble wrap your fridge.
  3. Put your TV in a TV box or bubble wrap it.
  4. Cover all the fabrics with plastic or bubble wrap.

Kroos Logistics removals is a Perth based and western Australian moving company. We are proud to offers affordable local move service. Get in touch for your requirement quotes within an hour.


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