5 Mistake to avoid for your Home Removal in Perth

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Looking among all the removalists in Perth? And don’t know which company to choose?

#5 mistake to avoid for your home removal in Perth

(1) Take some time off for your move

  • Moving home can be quite challenging. You need to pack your household, move everything out, clean, fix items if needed and then unpack at the other end.
  • We always advice our customer to take minimum 2 to 3 days off during the move.
    • Day 01 : Household removals.
    • Day 02 : Cleaning.
    • Day 03 : Fixing items , final check or unpacking at the other end.
  • This is the strict minimum. Most of our customers that have issue or got stressed is mainly because of timeframe.
  • There is enough workload and moving out after work without any time would definitely be a mistake.

(2) Choose the right moving company

Whenever you are looking for a furniture removalists in Perth, it’s important to step back , take your time and select the right company. 
Household removals is a difficult task that requires experience and skills.

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(3) Be prepared. Pack your house neatly

  • It’s a very important part : your house has to be packed perfectly. Everything into boxes well labeled.
  • You have to start your packing minimum 2 weeks before.
  • Even if you are moving across the road , it’s Important that everything is into boxes, crates, plastic tubs, bags etc ….
  • This will makes the job of the moving company easier.
  • A good removal company will give you some tips and advices on this. 
  • If you don’t have time , your moving company might provide packing and unpacking services. Most of the business provide packing services in Perth.

Nb: Kroos Logistics Removals can provide packing and unpacking services as part of our home packing services package.

(4) Don’t be cheap in selecting your providers

  • Whenever you are looking for a moving company, a cleaning company or buying packing gears, it’s important that you pay the right and fair price for it.
  • Underestimate your move and try to find the cheapest solution could cost you more money at the end.

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(5) Get some help! Manpower is the key.

Don’t do everything by yourself.

  • The workload is way too important and you might get stressed , worried or even hurt yourself.
  • Ask some friends to help you.
  • They can start to pack your house the week before.
  • Any mate has a Ute?
  • Why not asking him to do a few run with your garage or shed stuff?
  • Someone from your family want to help?
  • Why not asking him or her to unpack the boxes in your new home?
  • If you have manpower it will considerably helps you to make your move smooth.

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