6 Best Tips on How To Move Glassware OR Fragile Items

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In this article you will get helpful tips for moving glassware, pictures and mirrors in safe and secure manners with expert movers assistant.

First of all,

Clear Communication With The Movers Is Important.

You will have to tell them if any delicate or valuable items that need to be protected.

Top 6 Tips on How To Move Pictures, Glassware+Mirrors

  1. Please leave all your glass, mirror, pictures in a safe room, out of the way.
  2. Tell the movers if any valuable or delicate pictures.
    • In some specific cases, very delicate or valuable pictures will have to be created.
  3. All other pictures should be packed in a specific picture box(picture pack).
    • Another option would be to bubble wrapped the picture, then use two standard boxes OR tea chest, open it flat and tape it around the painting for protection(one of each side).
    • If the picture is not packed, we can’t guarantee the safe transportation of it and damage might occur.
  4. If less valuable pictures or less delicate, use some bubble wrap.
  5. Every mirror or glassware has to be bubble wrap. If you run out of bubble wrap, you can use bed sheets or linen and tape the breakable item.
  6. Every breakable item has to be carefully packed with clear writing(Breakable or Fragile).
Pictures Moving Tips by Kroos Logistics Removals Experts

Other Helpful Tips:

Have any Questions about moving Glassware or Fragile items during your move? Don’t hesitate to Get In Touch with us. We’re happy to assist you.

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