#6 Expert Tips on How To Move A Fridge

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Fridge is an important part of the preparation for the move. As part of our range of movers services, we can help you with your removals by giving you some organisation tips.

Indeed, to have a smooth and efficient move, the preparation is primordial:

The moving team will be much quicker if all the tips given by our expert team are followed below;

Step-by-Step Fridge Moving Process

  1. Step 1: Unplugged your fridge one hour before the removalist arrival.
    1. Read more why to unplugged fridge one hour early?
  2. Step 2: Ask the movers when they will take the fridge, and then you can empty it just before pick up and put the food in the esky and keep it fresh. Use esky or chill shopping bags.
  3. Step 3: Moving can be a good time for a fresh start and a good cleaning of your fridge. You can even take off the shelves and plastic part and washed it in your sink (it will make it lighter and the job easier for the moving team)
  4. Step 4: You can tape the door and the power cable (Be Careful: No Sticky Tape on the white fridge).
  5. Step 5: You can even bubble wrap your fridge for a top-notched preparation!
  6. Step 6: Please have a check together with the removalist crew if there are any scratches, dented or anything on the fridge.
fridge moving tips by Kroos Logistics

Clear communication between you and the movers make the job easier for our moving crew.

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