6 Solutions to Get rid of Your Rubbish during Removal

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Today we will talk about rubbish removal during your relocation.

When it comes to moving house, you often realised that you have items or furniture that you don’t need anymore.

You can find below some useful

#6 Tips on How to Organise your Junk Removal in Perth

  1. Call A Skip Bin
  2. Call A Rubbish Removals Specialist
  3. Call A Charity
  4. Sell Your Item
  5. Check for Verge Collection
  6. Landfill

(1) Call a Skip Bin

One of the most common solution to remove your rubbish and junk is to call a skip bin provider.

The company will drop a metal bin in front of your house for a few days and you can drop your unwanted items as you wish.

Very handy as you have time to sort your items. However, this solution is often more costly than the ones below.

(2) Call a Rubbish Removals Specialist

Some company like Kroos Logistics provide a rubbish removals service. You just have to call the company and they will come and pick up your junk.

Kroos Logistics Rubbish Removals Services Perth

(3) Call a Charity

Charities like Good Sammy or Red Cross will come and pick up your unwanted items. They send a truck to your place for free.

Of course, this is the solution that we would advise first as someone else would use your furniture and this is good for the community and the planet as your unwanted items won’t end up in the bin.

Beware as they don’t take everything. You will have to talk to them first over the phone. They often only pick up furniture or items that could be used by someone else.

(4) Sell your Items

You can simply try to sell your good items or furniture on social media or website like Gumtree. This could possibly help you to pay your move, cleaner or other fees associated with your removals.

(5) Check for verge collection

Yes, you could simply leave your unwanted items or the verge if there is a rubbish collection in your area. Check the council website to know when this verge collection would happen.

You can even ask your landlord to move your end of lease date and make sure that your removals happen during your local verge collection.

(6) Landfill

The cheapest solution would be to used a Ute or a trailer and to go to the landfill yourself.

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