9 Tips about How to Prepare your Furniture & Cabinet for Move

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So the D day is coming soon? Moving in a few days and wondering what you should do as preparation for your furniture move? Below some furniture move tips about how to prepare your furniture and cabinet to be moved safely with least time.

Best Tips for Save Time & Hiring Furniture Removalists

  1. Empty All Drawers
    • As a safety requirement and for efficiency reasons, all your drawers or cabinet will have to be emptied.
    • It is compulsory to make the job easier for our moving team ( lighter to lift and easier to load in the truck).
    • Furthermore, if you leave items in your furniture, the cabinet will surely get damage.
  2. Tips For Two Stored House Move
    • It is important that all your furniture located upstairs of a two-stored house would be prepared for removals.
    • All drawers empty and all drawers took off from the cabinet.
    • The movers won’t take any furniture down or up if the drawers are not take of.
  3. Tape The Drawers and Doors Kroos Expert Moving Drawer Cabinet Furniture
    • You can tape the drawers and door. Don’t use any brown tape.
    • Don’t use any tape on polished or smooth surfaces(modern plastic type cabinet for example).
    • If glass door, please tape carefully and take off the shelves.
    • If glass shelves, take it off from the cabinet.
  4. Bedside Table
    • In some cases, bedside table drawers can stay with the furniture upstairs.
  5. Wooden Bedding
    • You can undo the bed OR (our team will do it).
    • Keep the screws in a safe place.
    • Do a bundle with the slats.
  6. Large Cabinet
    • Some bulky or Oversized cabinets would have to be dismantled. For any advice, please ask our operation team.
  7. Dining Table
    • In case of a big move or tight access, the legs from your dining table would have to be taken apart. For any advice, please ask our movers team.
  8. Display Cabinet
    • Please let the movers prepare the display cabinet. You can take off the shelving.
  9. Filling Cabinet
    • Filling cabinet can be full (the movers will take it as it is.)

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