Can We Give Forecast estimation for your move?

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Today we will speak about a recurring question from our faithful customers about movers estimation quotes or flat rates.

Let start with common question asked by customers.

Can you give us a flat rate or an estimate for our removals?

Almost all the moving company in Perth give an hourly rate.

The reason is that it’s very hard to give an accurate forecast due to the access, the items size and the volume of goods to be moved.

At Kroos Logistics, we are very happy to give a forecast or ballpark estimate

This would be an estimate, depends of course on

  • The size of the items, the accuracy of your list, the suburb and the access.
  • And the packing organisation is very important too.

As a forecast purpose, can you provide us with the following information about your move:

Which customer details needed for movers estimation quotes?

  1. An exact list of items to be moved, including smalls, boxes and outside items ( shed, pots plants etc ). PHOTO WELCOME.
  2. Number of bedrooms and number of stored. Any stairs or lift.
  3. Parking and access for the truck (how many meters from the doorstep).
  4. Any particular and specific item to be moved (heavy or bulky) as piano, marble, big cabinet etc.
  5. Any beds or furniture to be dismantled, assembled.

Once received, we will send you the forecast for the time spent.

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Why Choose Kroos Logistics for next move?

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most renowned moving company in the Perth area.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We did serve thousands of customers with a 5 stars service and with true dedication and diligence.(Check Reviews on Google)

We provide a full relocation package including cleaning, removal, furniture shop picks up, rubbish removals.

You can speak to our sales or operations crew if you have any queries about your house removals in Perth.

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