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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Removalist in Perth?

When it’s time to choose a moving company, there are many different options among the scope of service and rates.

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9 Tips about How to Prepare your Furniture & Cabinet for Move

So the D day is coming soon? Moving in a few days and wondering what you should do as preparation for your furniture move? Below some furniture move tips about how to prepare your furniture and cabinet to be moved safely with least time.

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6 Best Tips on How To Move Glassware OR Fragile Items

In this article you will get helpful tips for moving glassware, pictures and mirrors in safe and secure manners with expert movers assistant.

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#6 Expert Tips on How To Move A Fridge

Fridge is an important part of the preparation for the move. As part of our range of movers services, we can help you with your removals by giving you some organisation tips.

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Removals Insurance Options For Your House Move{2019}

Insurance is an important subject before to choose your removal company in Perth.

Insurance has to be subscribed by the moving company for your belongings or the eventual damage to the property. Otherwise, in case of an incident, this can cost you a fortune.

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#3 Tips for Moving In-Out Storage Units in Perth(2019)

If you decided to store your items in a storage units for a certain period due to miscellaneous reasons, Kroos Logistics Removals can help you with your move and give you some helpful tips regarding this operation.

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Expert Apartment Move Tips and Advice

Did you find your new flat and ready to move in?

Please find below some advice about your apartment relocation given by experts of Kroos Logistics Removals, one of the best moving company in Perth.

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How To Organise Your House Packing? Tips

Kroos Logistics Removals is a leading removals company in Perth. We have extensive experience and numerous years of house Removals behind us.
As a removalist in Perth, we did perform thousand of jobs with many happy customers.

If you want your move to be smooth and efficient, your packing organisation is the key factor.

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How To Choose A Right Removalist?

Hello everybody.

I am Eric, business owner of Kroos Logistics Removals in Perth. Our company is a Perth based and western Australian moving company. We are proud to offer a local move service around the Perth metro.

When it comes to choosing a good moving company, it’s important to check different information and parameters.

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Tips For How To Make Moving Packing Stress-free

Infographic of Moving & Packing Tips

Infographics of Moving Packing Tips - Packers and Movers perth

Here some advice to make the move quicker. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to do it, please note that Kroos logistics removals provide all of the above as part of our standard service.

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