#3 Tips for Moving In-Out Storage Units in Perth(2020)

If you decided to store your items in a storage units for a certain period due to miscellaneous reasons, Kroos Logistics Removals can help you with your move and give you some helpful tips regarding this operation.

Helpful Tips for Moving In-Out Operation Storage Unit

  1. Choose the right Storage units provider
  2. Choose the correct Storage units.
  3. Storage Protection of your items.
Kroos Professional Storage Units Perth Moves Service

Now, let’s understand all three in-depth

Choose the right Storage Units professional

There are many reputable providers around Perth.

#4 Points Checklist for storage units selection

  1. Check the reviews to select one.
  2. Location is very important. Choose one close to your pick up place or halfway from pick up and delivery as your removalists will charge you an hourly rate (if there is more drive it will be more costly).
  3. Check if they have insurance for the storage of your items. Ask about safety and security too (gate, fences, camera or security run)
  4. Ask about the access (code for the gate) and opening time. You and the moving company need to have access early morning and late afternoon if needed.

Choose the correct size of storage unit

It is primordial to choose the right size of a storage unit for your move to make it cheaper. The storage unit office can advise you, same for your removalist. Kroos Logistics will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this.

  • The walking access to your unit has to be checked.
  • Sometimes you will pay less money for a storage unit second floor (access with lift) and a long walk but you have to think that the moving company will take more time to load and unload.
  • We prefer direct access to your storage unit (with less distance) as this is cheaper for you and easier for us.
Storage Units moves in perth by Kroos Professional

Storage (Unit) Protection of your Items

  • Your moving company won’t provide any protection for your furniture. Regarding the loading in your storage unit, we will need some empty boxes, old bed-sheets, towels or any protection.
  • We use the empty boxes to put in between the furniture or on top to avoid scratches or damages.
  • You can find cheap 2nd hand boxes on Gumtree if needed OR you can also take a look into our quality packing boxes available in various size at affordable price.
  • You can buy some removal blanket protection in any hardware store too.

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As your items might stay in storage for a certain time, we recommend :

{#4} Recommendation For Your Item Protection Inside Storage Units

  1. Buy plastic protection for mattress and lounge or sofa.
  2. Plastic wrap or bubble wrap your fridge.
  3. Put your TV in a TV box or bubble wrap it.
  4. Cover all the fabrics with plastic or bubble wrap.

Kroos Logistics removals is a Perth based and western Australian moving company. We are proud to offers affordable local move service. Get in touch for your requirement quotes within an hour.


  • Local household and furniture move, Country WA move, Office move, Packing service.
  • Furniture shop and Gumtree pick up & deliveries.
  • Cleaning & Rubbish removals (on demand).
  • Storage unit in and exstore.
  • Express transport.

Why not to choose the cheapest removalist provider?

Today, we would like to talk about: Why not to choose the cheapest removalist provider?

We want to help you during your move process by giving you some tips on your household removals.

Indeed, when it comes to choosing removalist, we understand that it’s very tempting to take the lower price and cheapest removalist.


Everything has a cost and nobody is working for free. You MUST be suspicious if you see any low cheap prices.

Below are the reasons why:

(1) Unreliability 

  • Every day we got emergency call from people that are looking for removalist due to a no show.
  • Many customers booked a company and they don’t show up. So you might end up to find another company, the same day, at high rate due to emergency.
  • Sometime show up with different moving trucks from your removals needs. You can check our blog on selecting right rental removals truck options to avoid this scenario.
  • If you can’t find a company, you might pay some penalties to the real estate, or even worse if new tenants have to move in the day after.
  • Ask the moving company or check the photos or reviews online.

(2) Professional Work Experience and Behavioural Training 

  • To perform removalist task and duties, you will need experienced and trained employees. 
  • If workers are not trained or don’t know their jobs, the mine will be done slowly, and you might get some damages on your property or any of your items.
  • This could simply cost you a fortune and a lot of hassle 
  • Ask the company about their crew experience or training processes.
  • Ask the moving company or check the photos or reviews online 
  • At Kroos Logistics, we have strong moral and value and our peoples are selected rigorously.
  • You can find on our website in our values section, what we expect from our employees.

(3) Damages

  • Many customers complaint about damages on their furniture or properties during furniture removal process.
  • Indeed, as stated above, it is primordial to have trained and skilled crew.
  • On top of that, you have to make sure that the moving company has all the required tools and protection to perform your move.
  • Blankets ( or pads ) are the most important.
  • Ask the moving company or check the photos or reviews online 

(4) Insurance

  • Accident can happen, even to the best.
  • However, if this kind of events happen, you need to be covered
  • There is different kind of insurance (check our other blog post about Removals Insurance Options For Your House Move in 2020
  • The most important is marine cargo insurance or transit insurance to cover your goods, furniture, household.

How to choose Good removalist?

  1. Check the removalist reviews and select a business with a good online reputation.
  2. Stay away from removalist with rates under $90 per hour + GST.
  3. Check the insurance cover and ask for insurance policy proof.
  4. Ask about employees and training. You can find some information on the customer reviews too.
  5. Check social media and photo of the team at work.

Photos of Kroos Removals Team At Work

Image of Kroos Logistics Removals Team at Work
Kroos Logistics Removals Team at Work

Why Kroos Logistics can be your Removalist for next Move?

  • Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most renowned moving company in the Perth area and operating for many years. We provide a full relocation service in Perth, going from Packing to Removals, cleaning, rubbish removals.
  • Our range of services gives you a full choice regarding your relocation. As per our Goal, We can provide a full package with affordable removals rates, high standard services and stress-free move with only one provider.
  • Our reputation speaks for itself. We did serve Thousands of Customers with true dedication, diligence, reliability, communication and efficiency. As a result of it, we got 5 stars reviews from most of our customers.

You can speak to our sales or operations crew if you have any queries about your house removals in Perth.

What do you need to think about before your apartment move?

That’s it? You finally decided to move in or out of your apartment?

If you have any fat or apartments move, Kroos Logistics can surely help you with following expert apartment moving advice and relocation services.

Follow #5 Expert Advice Before Moving Apartment

Before moving,

(1) Did you check the Amount of Furniture that you have?

  • Indeed, we have quite often customers moving to apartments with too many furniture items. The price of an apartment is often higher, volume lower and then less space for your furniture.
Image-of-Kroos-Logistics-Removalist-Team Moving Apartment Furniture
  • On top of that, your storeroom will be smaller than a garage.
  • Check with your real estate as very often white goods (Fridgewashing machine, dryer) are already provided too.
  • One important point is the time spend on your apartment removal: this kind of move takes time (much longer than a house), so if you have less furniture it is obviously better.

(2) Check the Size of your Furniture

  • Before moving anything in your flat, make sure everything fits in the right spot or in the lift.
  • It would be a waste of time and money to move those items up and down and then hassle for you to sell or get rid of that furniture in a short period of time.
  • Ask your moving company if any questions about moving some heavy or bulky furniture. They can advise you about disassembly of cabinet or items too.

(3) Prepare your Packing Thoroughly

  • Packing is the most important point of your relocation. Especially for an apartment.
  • If everything is well organised and in boxes, the move will be easier for the removalist, quicker and then cheaper for you.

Check our blog section

Tips on how to make moving packing stress free & Infographics of moving and packing tips.

(4) Choose the Right Moving Company

  • Of course, make sure to find a reputable and seasoned moving company with experience in apartment move.

Check our blog Post

How to choose a right removalist.

(5) Last important tips for your Apartment Move

  • It’s very important that you communicate with your building manager as moving from and to an apartment can be specific.
  • Indeed, there are different rules and you need to communicate with the person in charge to make sure everything is organised well.

We have summed up everything in our blog section

5 expert advice/tips for apartment move and relocations

If you follow those tips, everything will be ready for the kick-off then.

How Kroos Logistics Removals Can help you?

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most reputable moving companies in Perth.

If you have any fat or apartments move; from CBD or busiest street in the center of Perth, with no lift or penthouses, duplex apartments up to 5 bedrooms. We can surely help you.

Our reputation due to our attention to detail is proven with the thousands of happy customers that choose us.

We are very proud to offer quality removals services at an affordable price and to be the best moving company in the Perth metro area.

Contact us for a quote, questions or any queries about your move.

Perth to Kalamunda Hills Move | Customer Success Story

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most reputable moving company in Perth.

We pride to give you the best service in the removals industry and we’re chosen by thousands of customers that were looking for an affordable moving company in Perth.

Here is one of

Our Happy Customer Success Story- Perth hills delivery

Explore What are requirements of move and How our experts completed the entire move seamless for the owner.

What are moving requirements?

Two weeks ago, we had a booking from Perth to Kalamunda.

Chris was looking for a removalist around Perth to give him a hand. 

He called us to get a quote and know our availability, but especially to know how to manage this particular move due to the items and access.

What are the Challenges? Why this move was specific?

  • Delivery access was very different than a normal house. Driveway was steep and we couldn’t park the truck close to the house 
  • The house was on a hill. The only way to reach the entrance of the house was to go through the garden on an uneven surface 
  • Nature of the items: Jarrah table 10 seaters, Marri Marri table flat top x 4, Jarrah entertainment unit, French door fridge.
Marri Marri table flat top

Now let’s have look at

How our professional experts made the complete move seamless

  • Loading at the Leeming house was steady and pretty fast. As a professional removalist, we are used to this kind of situation. We used our tools and especially our heavy-duty trolleys to make sure we could load efficiently the truck.
  • We couldn’t dismantle the Jarrah table as it was a Taylor made one. So we had to use two dollies and our movers’ skills to make sure it fits through the door.
  • Same for the Marri Marri tabletop ( 4 heavy pieces, 300 kg all up )
  • We had to use a Cart trolley that we normally used for a Pool table or heavy flat top.
  • Delivery at Kalamunda was very difficult. Firstly we couldn’t park the truck close to the house. 
  • Driveway was simply too steep and too narrow. So we had to move every single item up to an 80 meters hill before to reach the house.
  • Then we had to take every single item around the house through the garden ( the Jarrah table weight was 200 kg )

Hard Yakka!

  • We did use all our removalist gears, all our skills and all our power to make sure that this move was done. 

The move was done in 6 hours 45 mins, and Chris our customer was happy and delighted.

  • In this particular case, the only way to relocate those households was to call a moving company.
  • Indeed, the nature of the items and the access required a lot of experience and special tools.
  • This customer needed a big truck with a tail lift too.

If you are moving house in Perth, and you are looking for a reliable Perth moving company, Please give us a call for any moving requirements.

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the best removalists in Perth. Thousand of customers that were looking for cheap movers in Perth selected us.

Moving to Fremantle? Tips on how to select your removalist for your next move

That’s it? Decided to change suburb and move to Fremantle? Good move.

Fremantle is one of the most attractive suburbs in Perth. His beautiful streets, markets, good food, cultural centre and all the marvellous things will definitely charm you and you will never leave.

Below some tips on how to choose a good removalist in Fremantle

We already talked on our blog on how to find a reputed and affordable moving company in Perth.

(1) Check the Address

  • Simply check his address on google or the location of his warehouse.
  • Many removalist or moving company claimed to be a specialist in Fremantle relocation, but are based far away. It is very often just a marketing technique to get more customers in the area.

(2) Check the Reviews

  • You can check for example if the customers said anything about location in their reviews and of course Fremantle and surroundings.

(3) Ask on Social Media

  • You can use Facebook and any group related to the Fremantle area to ask which Fremantle removalist to choose.
  • People with experience will give you their feedback on companies they already tried.
  • But most importantly, they will tell you which company not to Choose or if they had bad experiences.

(4) Ask for Insurance

  • No matter what happens and which company you selected, ask for insurance.

(5) Check the location of Social Media Post

  • You can check Facebook and especially Instagram to see where the picture was taken.
  • If you see a few jobs performed in Freo, that’s it!

If you are looking for movers in Fremantle, you can give Kroos Logistics Removals a call.

Why Choose Kroos Logistics for your Move?

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most renowned moving company in the Perth area. We provide a full relocation package including cleaning, removalfurniture shop picks up, rubbish removals.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We did serve thousands of customers with a 5 stars service and with true dedication and diligence.

Check out: Customer Success Story: Apartment Move in Fremantle

Furthermore, we are proud to say that we are the local fremantle removalist with a strong and solid reputation.

You can speak to our sales or operations crew if you have any queries about your house removals in Fremantle, Perth or,

5 Mistake to avoid for your Home Removal in Perth

Looking among all the removalists in Perth? And don’t know which company to choose?

#5 mistake to avoid for your home removal in Perth

(1) Take some time off for your move

  • Moving home can be quite challenging. You need to pack your household, move everything out, clean, fix items if needed and then unpack at the other end.
  • We always advice our customer to take minimum 2 to 3 days off during the move.
    • Day 01 : Household removals.
    • Day 02 : Cleaning.
    • Day 03 : Fixing items , final check or unpacking at the other end.
  • This is the strict minimum. Most of our customers that have issue or got stressed is mainly because of timeframe.
  • There is enough workload and moving out after work without any time would definitely be a mistake.

(2) Choose the right moving company

Whenever you are looking for a furniture removalists in Perth, it’s important to step back , take your time and select the right company. 
Household removals is a difficult task that requires experience and skills.

Please check our blog article on What’s the best way to find reputed affordable moving company in Perth.

(3) Be prepared. Pack your house neatly

  • It’s a very important part : your house has to be packed perfectly . Everything into boxes well labeled.
  • You have to start your packing minimum 2 weeks before.
  • Even if you are moving across the road , it’s Important that everything is into boxes, crates, plastic tubs, bags etc ….
  • This will makes the job of the moving company easier.
  • A good removal company will give you some tips and advices on this. 
  • If you don’t have time , your moving company might provide packing and unpacking services. Most of the business provide packing services in Perth.

Nb: Kroos Logistics Removals can provide packing and unpacking services as part of our home packing services package.

You can find on our blog below all our tips to prepare your house packing neatly.

(4) Don’t be cheap in selecting your providers

  • Whenever you are looking for a moving company, a cleaning company or buying packing gears, it’s important that you pay the right and fair price for it.
  • Underestimate your move and try to find the cheapest solution could cost you more money at the end.

Check our blog: Why not to choose the cheapest removalist company .

(5) Get some help! Manpower is the key.

Don’t do everything by yourself.

  • The workload is way too important and you might get stressed , worried or even hurt yourself.
  • Ask some friends to help you.
  • They can start to pack your house the week before.
  • Any mate has a Ute?
  • Why not asking him to do a few run with your garage or shed stuff?
  • Someone from your family want to help?
  • Why not asking him or her to unpack the boxes in your new home?
  • If you have manpower it will considerably helps you to make your move smooth.

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most reputable moving company in Perth. We provide a range of service going from Transport, online purchase, house packing, household removals, rubbish removals.

We pride to give you the best service in the removals industry and we’re chosen by thousands of customers that were looking for an affordable moving company in Perth.

By checking the Perth removalists reviews, you can see that we have extensive experience and good feedback from all our customers.

So if You are looking for movers to help you for your relocation, please call one of the favourites Perth removalist!