#3 Tips for Moving In-Out Storage Units in Perth(2020)

If you decided to store your items in a storage units for a certain period due to miscellaneous reasons, Kroos Logistics Removals can help you with your move and give you some helpful tips regarding this operation.

Helpful Tips for Moving In-Out Operation Storage Unit

  1. Choose the right Storage units provider
  2. Choose the correct Storage units.
  3. Storage Protection of your items.
Kroos Professional Storage Units Perth Moves Service

Now, let’s understand all three in-depth

Choose the right Storage Units professional

There are many reputable providers around Perth.

#4 Points Checklist for storage units selection

  1. Check the reviews to select one.
  2. Location is very important. Choose one close to your pick up place or halfway from pick up and delivery as your removalists will charge you an hourly rate (if there is more drive it will be more costly).
  3. Check if they have insurance for the storage of your items. Ask about safety and security too (gate, fences, camera or security run)
  4. Ask about the access (code for the gate) and opening time. You and the moving company need to have access early morning and late afternoon if needed.

Choose the correct size of storage unit

It is primordial to choose the right size of a storage unit for your move to make it cheaper. The storage unit office can advise you, same for your removalist. Kroos Logistics will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this.

  • The walking access to your unit has to be checked.
  • Sometimes you will pay less money for a storage unit second floor (access with lift) and a long walk but you have to think that the moving company will take more time to load and unload.
  • We prefer direct access to your storage unit (with less distance) as this is cheaper for you and easier for us.
Storage Units moves in perth by Kroos Professional

Storage (Unit) Protection of your Items

  • Your moving company won’t provide any protection for your furniture. Regarding the loading in your storage unit, we will need some empty boxes, old bed-sheets, towels or any protection.
  • We use the empty boxes to put in between the furniture or on top to avoid scratches or damages.
  • You can find cheap 2nd hand boxes on Gumtree if needed OR you can also take a look into our quality packing boxes available in various size at affordable price.
  • You can buy some removal blanket protection in any hardware store too.

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As your items might stay in storage for a certain time, we recommend :

{#4} Recommendation For Your Item Protection Inside Storage Units

  1. Buy plastic protection for mattress and lounge or sofa.
  2. Plastic wrap or bubble wrap your fridge.
  3. Put your TV in a TV box or bubble wrap it.
  4. Cover all the fabrics with plastic or bubble wrap.

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  • Local household and furniture move, Country WA move, Office move, Packing service.
  • Furniture shop and Gumtree pick up & deliveries.
  • Cleaning & Rubbish removals (on demand).
  • Storage unit in and exstore.
  • Express transport.

Expert Apartment Move Tips and Advice

Did you find your new flat and ready to move in?

Please find below some advice about your apartment relocation given by experts of Kroos Logistics Removals, one of the best moving company in Perth.

#5 Expert Advice/ Tips For Apartment Move & Relocations:

  1. Packing: As the walking distance ate often longer with an apartment, it is compulsory to have everything packed in boxes.
    1. The removal crew will use trolley and dolly to make it quicker.
  2. Communicate with Building Manager: As a preparation for the move, you will need to talk to your building manager and ask him :
    1. Keys for the Lift: the movers will need keys in order to keep the lift door open while moving.
    2. Pads/ Protection Blanket inside the lift.(if possible on two lift).Kroos Apartment Move Tips Lift Protected With Pads Blankets
  3. Necessary Permits:
    1. Ask if any permit is necessary with the council for parking outside the building.(If needed we will ask you to pay the parking fees for the truck the time of the move).
    2. This point is very important, specially in some specific areas like CBD; where you will need a parking authorisation for the truck in Loading/ Unloading bay during the move(ask your building manager )
  4. General Rules of Building/ Apartment: Any specific rules of the building.
  5. Move-Relocations Time-frame:
    1. You will need to tell the building manager the time we will arrive and leave.
    2. You can ask our operation manager and he will give you an accurate time-frame.
Kroos Professional Furniture Removalists At Work

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Are you have any apartment moving needs?

If YES, Simply Call #Expertmovers Kroos Logistics. Logistics Services that we’re offering as below:

Image of Kroos Logistics Serviec and Truck
  • Household Removals.
  • Local Perth Removals and Western Australian Relocations.
  • House Packing.
  • Office Move.
  • Government Move.
  • Industrial Move.
  • Transport.
  • Rubbish Removals.
  • Dedicated and specific Heavy Transportation.
  • Tailgate/ Tailift Transport

For All your relocation needs; Contact Kroos Logistics experts👍🏻.

How To Organise Your House Packing? Tips

Kroos Logistics Removals is a leading removals company in Perth. We have extensive experience and numerous years of house Removals behind us.
As a removalist in Perth, we did perform thousand of jobs with many happy customers.

If you want your move to be smooth and efficient, your packing organisation is the key factor.

Your packing has to be neat and well organised. This would help the movers to optimise the truck loading and be quicker in their organisation.

Below are the main packing organisation tips regarding your house removal:

Top #9 Packing Tips for Moving House

  1. Book your moving company 3 weeks prior to your removal.
  2. Start packing two to three weeks before.
  3. Buy some boxes, bubble wrap paper.
  4. Boxes: You will need tea chest boxes, book boxes, portarobe.Kroos Packing Service
    1. Tea Chest: For all miscellaneous items, not too heavy (kitchen, stationery, linen, garage stuff ). The box should not weight more than 10-15 kg.
    2. Book Boxes: Anything heavy like books, magazines etc. The box should not weight more than 8-10 kg.
    3. Portarobe Box: For all hanging clothes, garage stuff or shed stuff. All the oversized items.
    4. EVERYTHING has to be Packed: No small random items. You can use a plastic tub, crates, miscellaneous packing boxes.
    5. Another option is to use large packing bags. For very light stuff (cushions, linen, light toys etc.), you can use plastic bin bags too(preferably thick rubbish bags.)
  5. How to Pack a Box?
    1. Use Butcher Paper(special packing paper), put a large layer at the bottom. Same at the top once finished.Kroos House Packing Tips Papers Boxes
    2. Every single breakable item has to be wrapped carefully with paper between the layer. For kitchen packing, we strongly recommend to check videos online.
  6. Write details of items inside on the box:
    1. Items/ Content
    2. Location in the house.
    3. Your name.
    4. If Breakable or Fragile.
  7. Long Items – Make a bundle with sticky tape for Broom, Bed slats, every other long item.
  8. Picture / Painting: Use bubble wrap OR special picture boxes(picture pack).
  9. TV:
    1. Bubble wrap the TV
    2. Use the original box Or
    3. Purchase a special TV box.

Helpful BONUS Tips: GET INFOGRAPHIC Moving Packing Tips

If you have any questions or need advice regarding your household removals, don’t hesitate to ask our operations crew, they will be happy to answer your question.

We serve private customers for all their relocation needs from A To Z.

  • This include Packing / Removals / Cleaning / Rubbish removals.
  • We serve corporate customers and businesses for all their business needs.
  • This include Office relocation / Packing / Industrial move / Specific and sensitive move / Transport.

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How To Choose A Right Removalist?

Hello everybody.

I am Eric, business owner of Kroos Logistics Removals in Perth. Our company is a Perth based and western Australian moving company. We are proud to offer a local move service around the Perth metro.

When it comes to choosing a good moving company, it’s important to check different information and parameters.

Removalist Perth Insurance Kroos Logistics

What Take In Consideration Before To Choose A Removalist?

  1. ⚠️ Cheap rate doesn’t mean cheap global service. If the people don’t know how to lift furniture, how to organise the pickup, how to load a truck, how to wrap and take care of furniture, it will surely cost you more money.
  2. ⚠️ In this industry, people who offer rate under $80 per hour are definitely not serious and reliable. You can’t hire a good removalist, have insurance, cover all your cost at a low rate like that. You will surely have issues and end up with more drama.
  3. ⚠️ The day of your move is primordial: the moving company has to show up, be on time and finish the job, the same day. Hiring non-professional removalist peoples can lead to issues, move not finished the same day and trouble with your real estate or extra cost for your budget.
  4. ⚠️ Insurance has to be subscribed by the moving company for your belongings or the eventual damage to the property. Otherwise, in case of an incident, this can cost you a fortune.

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How To Make Sure I Choose The Right Moving Company?

  • 80% of the local company in Perth provide hourly rates. In this industry, it is very hard to forecast an exact and accurate time for a job as we are on demand and customer requests can change.
  • If the rate is too suspiciously low, it is important that you check reviews and online reputation of the company. You would be very surprised to see some dreadful feedback from customers.
  • Think about paying more to have the right skilled people. If you pay $10 more per hour for a 5 hours move, it might be $50 additional, but for a house, you will be moving in for years. And furthermore, your expensive couch or double door fridge won’t be damaged.
  • Check if there is depot to depot fees, minimum time, the way company invoice (invoice exact time spent?) and if insurance is included or not.
  • Insurance: Check if the provider got insurance. Ask for a contract policy.
  • Check Facebook or Instagram: it’s a good overview of the job performed by the company (photos or videos). On top of that, in 2019, a good well run business is active on those social media.

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Below a sum up of our Logistics & Removals Services:

  1. ✅ Local Household and Furniture Move
  2. ✅ Furniture Shop Pick Up and Deliveries
  3. ✅ Rubbish Removals(On Demand)
  4. ✅ Storage Unit In and Ex Store
  5. ✅ Country WA Move
  6. ✅ Office Move
  7. ✅ Packing
  8. ✅ Cleaning
  9. ✅ Express Transport

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Customer House Removals from Atwell to Belliard

Here we’re with another customer success story of house removals service from atwell to belliard, perth.

What exactly the customer was looking for his House Removals Needs?

  • Our customer Trent call us to move a 4×1 from Atwell to Belliard.
  • Trent was looking for a cheap removalist in Perth, with high-quality standard.
  • We were recommended by his cousin that use our services a few months before.

How We Done a complete house removals?

  • The job was performed in 5.5 hours and Trent was delighted.

Relocation Service Perth

Kroos Logistics Home MoversHouse removals service Perth

Kroos Logistics House Removalists Expert

Take a Look At Other Happy Customer Reviews for Kroos Logistics Removals Services in Perth.

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As a removalist based in Perth, Kroos Logistics can help you with your house relocation.

Our employees are regularly trained to the highest quality standards. We offer a cheap removals service, all around the Perth metro.

Get In Touch with Kroos Logistics for expert removals service across Perth.

Customer Home Movers From South Perth to Kardinya

Customer Success Story – Home Move From South Perth to Kardinya

Hi guys,

  • We move Frank from on the 30/07 from South Perth to Kardinya. Over the phone, Frank asked us for 3 guys due to the stairs.
  • We turn up on the job at 7:30 am and met Frank.
  • Eric, Simon, and Ralph from Kroos Logistics were ready to start.
  • He told us that the move was actually for her daughter Liz that just bought a house in Kardinya and that he couldn’t help due to a recent surgery he had.
  • We told him

Not to worry as he hired professional removalist and he could just relax. Everything would be hassle-free

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  • The house was a two story house with a tight staircase. As Eric said: “ the staircase was very tight indeed, but the most important is the items we have to move down. If it’s bulky, it can be challenging “
  • We inspect the house with Frank and Liz and did start the job.
  • Three items were bulky and tight and would definitely be hard to fit through the staircase :
  • Fridge: we decided to carry it with three guys, step by step.
    • All the staircase was cover with blankets
Kroos Logistics Customer success story 3
Kroos Logistics removal Customer success story 4
Kroos Logistics Perth Customer success story 5
  • Antic wardrobe: This one was definitely too big and too heavy.
    • So Ralph and Simon decided to dismantle it and load it into the truck. Everything went well, the job ran smoothly.

Frank said 

I couldn’t be happier. Firstly there are very friendly chaps. Always positive. Then, I have to say I was impressed with their knowledge and skills. Those guys know what they are doing!

Another successful move by Kroos Logistics.

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