Complex+Technical Household Move: Customer Success Story

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Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most reputable moving company in Perth. Our reputation due to our attention to details is proven with the thousands of happy customers that choose us.

What Separates this move from other Household Relocations?

We had a relocation a few weeks ago from Beaconsfield to Fremantle. Pick up place was a two-stored house with a fairly large volume.

On this move, on top of the usual household items(couch, beds etc…), we had a piano, a barbecue smoker (650 kg) and a ceramic cheminée(heavy, fragile and expensive).

The loading was smooth and we were done in 3 hours.

How Delivery was a little bit more technical?

  • Delivery place was a modern architectural mansion with stairs and difficult access.
  • Piano has to go up a 60 cm step.
  • Barbecue smoker in the back garden.
big barbecue smoker move perth

We used our special straps and Piano Dolly to lift the piano upstairs safely.

Regarding the smoker, we reverse the truck all the way to the neighbour lane-way and used our tailgate to lift it up to the back garden.

big barbecue smoker loading move perth

As the smoker didn’t fit, we had to dismantle the garden fence and lift it up with our tailgate.

Customer was Delighted as You can See in the Review below:

Happy Customer Reviews After Successful Move

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In some cases, the only way to move specific items is to Call a Moving Company.

Movers will come with tools, and their knowledge and will find a solution to your relocation.

Choose Kroos Logistics for any of your household removals in Perth. We offer affordable removals in Perth and we are proud to be one of the best movers in Perth.

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