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Customer Success Story – Home Move From South Perth to Kardinya

Hi guys,

  • We move Frank from on the 30/07 from South Perth to Kardinya. Over the phone, Frank asked us for 3 guys due to the stairs.
  • We turn up on the job at 7:30 am and met Frank.
  • Eric, Simon, and Ralph from Kroos Logistics were ready to start.
  • He told us that the move was actually for her daughter Liz that just bought a house in Kardinya and that he couldn’t help due to a recent surgery he had.
  • We told him

Not to worry as he hired professional removalist and he could just relax. Everything would be hassle-free

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  • The house was a two story house with a tight staircase. As Eric said: “ the staircase was very tight indeed, but the most important is the items we have to move down. If it’s bulky, it can be challenging “
  • We inspect the house with Frank and Liz and did start the job.
  • Three items were bulky and tight and would definitely be hard to fit through the staircase :
  • Fridge: we decided to carry it with three guys, step by step.
    • All the staircase was cover with blankets
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  • Antic wardrobe: This one was definitely too big and too heavy.
    • So Ralph and Simon decided to dismantle it and load it into the truck. Everything went well, the job ran smoothly.

Frank said 

I couldn’t be happier. Firstly there are very friendly chaps. Always positive. Then, I have to say I was impressed with their knowledge and skills. Those guys know what they are doing!

Another successful move by Kroos Logistics.

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