Customer success story: Apartment move with difficult access in Cottesloe

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Apartment move with difficult access in Cottesloe?

Looking for a removalist in the Cottesloe area?

We do provide relocation services in the town of Cottesloe

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Moving apartment in Cottesloe with difficult access

2×1 apartment removals from Mosman Parc to Cottesloe

When it comes to moving apartments, enquiring about access is primordial. Indeed, some flat access can be very specific, with a low height yard, gate, narrow access, or corridor. So sometimes, it is much better to allocate a small truck for kind of move


We can get closer to the apartment and then less walking distance of course. Our customer called us for an apartment relocation in Cottesloe and told us that to get in his yard, you had a very low clearance ( 2,70 meter ). So we decided to allocate our truck A ( 3 tons truck) to get as close as we can of the apartment. Indeed our 5 tons truck is 3,60 meters high.

Our client told us that he had no lift. So we had to walk up and down the stairs. The challenge for this move is that the couch didn’t fit in the staircase. So we decided to lift it over the balcony and secured it with straps. Everything went smoothly and the customer was very impressed.

The fact that we have numerous truck sizes really helped us on this move as the boys could get pretty tired from waking up and down the stairs. On top of that, you don’t want to add 80 meters walking distance to reach the truck.

Very important to be knowledgeable of the technique when lifting over items over a balcony.

Don’t hesitate to give  us a call if you have apartment move with difficult access.


Looking for a removalist in the Cottesloe area?

We do provide relocation services in the town of Cottesloe. Give us a call for any moving needs!

Reputable removalists

Moving to Cottesloe? And looking for a removalist?

Kroos Logistics is the specialist of budget removals in Perth. We have extensive experience in the industry and did move  hundreds of family in Perth and more specifically along the beautiful and shiny coast.

Kroos Logistics: Cottesloe removalists

Details of our services:

  • Packers and movers: We are the specialist of home packing services
  • Household removals: home movers specialist
  • Junk removals: rubbish removals collection
  • Removals and storage
  • Business removals
  • Office movers  ( office relocation and commercial relocation in the  area )

Moving company Cottesloe

When looking among all the removals companies in the area, you would notice that you have numerous providers to choose from.

How do I know that I choose the right furniture removal and storage provider? If you check Perth’s removalist reviews and feedback, you will surely note that Kroos Logistics is among the best moving companies!

Home removals

We are relocation experts, and did numerous moves in Cottesloe, from 6 bedrooms houses with full packing services, one-bedroom flat, single item, or apartment removal with difficult access. We are specialist of removals and storage in the area, but not an only apartment and flat removal .

We do move flat and apartment: from a one-bedroom apartment to 5 bedrooms penthouse with difficult access .

Business removals

Looking for commercial movers ?

We do provide office relocation , commercial relocation and office removals in the area . So if you want to Remove your office or business give us a call!

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