Customer Success Story: Country Move Outside Perth

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Today as our customer success story, we will talk about a move from Hamilton Hill to Margaret River.

Customer success story: Removal from Perth to Margaret river

Carolyn contacted us as she decided to relocated from Perth to Margaret River.

country move that far away is never easy as you have to make sure to do it within a certain timeframe and pick up all the items at once as you can’t obviously leave anything behind (with a distance of 250 km, two runs are not permitted)

What was the process behind this country move relocation?

1) Contact with the customer

To know the address, timeframe and favourite days for the relocation and important details required by Carolyne and her family.

2) Ask her about her move details

To enquire about the volume of items, if anything special or specific to move ( difficult items ), and to have the precise and accurate list of items.

For more information about list of items, Check our another blog:

Which details required for movers estimation quotes/flat rates?

3) Selection of the right truck

Once we had the volume and items from the customers, we could allocate the right truck in order to give the best accurate price to the customer.

Indeed, it is of course useless to allocate a huge truck if average size relocation and to send a small truck that doesn’t fit.

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4) Schedule for the move

Our operation manager decided ( after a chat with the customer) to perform this country move in two days,

  • Pick up Saturday afternoon
  • Storage full truck overnight
  • Delivery Sunday morning 10 am

Why: a full move done the same day would have been too long for the customer and the staff (more than 13 hours straight)

By splitting the job in 2, everybody is more efficient, less tired and less stressed due to the workload.

5) Allocation of the staff and removalist

We decided to allocate 3 removalist on Saturday afternoon (to load the truck quicker in 3 hours) and two movers on Sunday morning.

After a communication with the customer in order to tell her our operation plan,

  • we did book the move.
  • And organised our staff and schedule.

Everything ran smoothly. We arrived on time, All the goods fitted in the truck, we delivered on Time and nothing got damaged.

Carolyn our customer was delighted as you can see on the review below

Carolyn Trowbridge Customer review of Removal from Perth to Margaret river
Review of Carolyn Trowbridge about Removal from Perth to Margaret River

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