Customer success story : Disassemble furniture when moving

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Moving from Melville  area and looking  for a trustworthy, reputable removalist ?
Kroos Logistics Removals operate everyday in the area .

We are the favourite moving company in Melville and surroundings.

Below the suburbs where we operate :


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When it comes to relocate your belongings , preparation is very important 

2×1 house removals from Aubin grove to Melville 

We spoke in our previous blog on how to pack your house or prepare your furniture for your removal.
However, some customer sometimes wonder if they have to dismantle their furniture for moving .

Today we will speak about one of our customers.

Eddie was not sure if he had to dismantle his wardrobe for his removal.

The answer from us, as a professional, is that it really depends and every move is different .

We did ask Eddie to send us a photo of his pick up access, corridor and of course the wardrobe itself .

We usually don’t disassemble furniture or wardrobe, except the tall ones from Ikea.

As every house is different , the boys had to wait to be on site to check the access and the furniture itself.

They did note that the corridor was too narrow and that the cabinet itself was too high.

Then they decided to dismantle the wardrobe to make it easy to move.

With all the right tools and knowledge , it took them 10 minutes.

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What kind of furniture we usually dismantle ?

  • Bed 
  • Some dining table ( heavy or bulky , larger than 6 seaters )
  • Some very high wardrobe
  • Baby cot
  • Top of change table 
  • Any furniture wider than 80 cm , longer than 2 meters ( to be confirmed with our operation crew )

When preparing your move , get in touch with us to have professional advices regarding packing and furniture 


Melville removalist : household removals expert 

When it comes to move your house and you want to hire a household removals provider, it’s important to find a reputable company with good knowledge of the area .

If you are looking among all the removal company in Melville, you will find out that Kroos Logistics has one of the best ranking of the Perth’s removalists reviews.

Moving company Melville , Packing and unpacking services, We are expert of home removals  in Melville . If you are looking for a furniture removal and storage provider , we are the company to go with .

Thousand of move completed and years of experience and successful moves gave us a solid reputation.

We do move heavy furniture and large items and any kind of household.

We provide packing services in Melville . We can pack your full house with care and provide all the boxes and gears for a smooth transition to your new home .

furniture removal and storage

If you are looking for home packing services, give us a call

Business removals Melville and commercial relocation 

Moving your shop, warehouse or company ?

Looking for commercial movers 

We can surely help you as we are the specialist of business removals and commercial relocation in the area .

Office removals Melville 

Moving your staff and office  ? Looking for office movers ?

We have years  of experience in business and staff relocation .

We can allocate the right truck size and numerous worker to remove your office with no downtime 

Junk removal Melville 

Time for a good clean up ?

We do provide rubbish removals in the  area too.

Give us a call for a non obligation free quote.

KroosLogistics : reliable Melville removals and storage provider 

We specialise in Home removals, apartment removals with difficult access and we are the expert of heavy furniture relocation 

If you are looking for packers and movers in Melville area or home movers , don’t hesitate to give us a call

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