Customer success story : moving full house + piano in the Stirling area

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If you are looking for household removals service provider to move your house or apartment in the Stirling area, give us a call.

We are the specialist home movers in the Northern suburbs and we would be happy to help you with your relocation.

Below the suburbs where we operate on a daily basis around Stirling :


Customer success story: moving full house + piano in the Stirling area 

3×1 house removals from Scarborough to Stirling 

When it comes to moving, there is a lot of details to take in consideration, especially if your move is pretty big. You need to select a reputable moving company, prepare your move well, pack everything neatly. If you have heavy items to move, it’s important to select a professional moving company Today, we will talk about piano removals that we did for our Client Adam.

Firstly Adam booked us in for his 2 bedrooms house relocation.

The day before the move, he did notice on our Facebook page that we were moving Piano too.

However, Adam already booked a Piano removalist and ask us confirmation about whether or not we were moving this kind of items.

We told them that we do move piano very often and that we could do it with the others items of his relocation for the same price. It would only take more time as we have to load the piano securely in the truck.

The move went smoothly as usual and the freak spent 5 hours on his removal Adam did cancel his piano removalist and as a result, He saves $200 on his move.

He was very happy and left a review on Facebook for us ( see below )

When it comes to choosing your moving company, make sure that they provide a wide range of services 

Another successful move by Kroos Logistics 


If you are looking for a furniture removalist and storage provider, get in touch with us for a non-obligation free quote 

Home removalist and packers and movers

If you are moving out of your house or apartment and are looking for a budget removalist in the area, we can give you a full relocation package quote ( home packing services, furniture removals, rubbish removals, unpacking services )

We have numerous sizes of truck for your move and all the packing gears for your home packing service.

We have experience in flat and apartment relocation with difficult access and large house with a storey and tight staircase.

Heavy furniture removalist 

We do move heavy furniture or heavy items, going from Piano to large cabinet, stone or pots plants, heavy machinery or industrial equipment 

Office movers in Perth, commercial relocation and business move 

Need to remove your office or your shop? Warehouse or workshop?

With years of experience in the industry, we are the office removals expert and can give you high-quality service for your office relocation or any item related to your business 

We did hundreds of business removals over the years with very good feedbacks from our customers ( among the best in Perth’s removalist reviews).

We can provide packing services for your business relocation with a comprehensive quote package 

Perth removals and storage reputable company 

As a removal company and a packing and unpacking services provider, we take pride in delivering a high-quality service to our client.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable removals rate
  • Friendly movers team
  • Expert in removals 
  • Local service provider
  • Reliability 

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