Customer Success Story

Hi guys,

We move Frank from on the 30/07 from South Perth to Kardinya.
Over the phone, Frank asked us for 3 guys due to the stairs.

We turn up on the job at 7:30 am and met Frank.

Eric, Simon, and Ralph from Kroos Logistics were ready to start.

He told us that the move was actually for her daughter Liz that just bought a house in Kardinya and that he couldn’t help due to a recent surgery he had. We told him not to worry as he hired professional removalist and he could just relax. Everything would be hassle-free.

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The house was a two story house with a tight staircase.

As Eric said: “ the staircase was very tight indeed, but the most important is the items we have to move down. If it’s bulky, it can be challenging “

We inspect the house with Frank and Liz and did start the job.

Three items were bulky and tight and would definitely be hard to fit through the staircase :

Fridge: we decided to carry it with three guys, step by step.

All the staircase was cover with blankets

Antic wardrobe:

This one was definitely too big and too heavy.

So Ralph and Simon decided to dismantle it and load it into the truck.

Everything went well, the job ran smoothly.

Frank said “ I couldn’t be happier. Firstly there are very friendly chaps. Always positive. Then, I have to say I was impressed with their knowledge and skills. Those guys know what they are doing! “

Another successful move by Kroos Logistics