Expert Apartment Move Tips and Advice

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Did you find your new flat and ready to move in?

Please find below some advice about your apartment relocation given by experts of Kroos Logistics Removals, one of the best moving company in Perth.

#5 Expert Advice/ Tips For Apartment Move & Relocations:

  1. Packing: As the walking distance ate often longer with an apartment, it is compulsory to have everything packed in boxes.
    1. The removal crew will use trolley and dolly to make it quicker.
  2. Communicate with Building Manager: As a preparation for the move, you will need to talk to your building manager and ask him :
    1. Keys for the Lift: the movers will need keys in order to keep the lift door open while moving.
    2. Pads/ Protection Blanket inside the lift.(if possible on two lift).Kroos Apartment Move Tips Lift Protected With Pads Blankets
  3. Necessary Permits:
    1. Ask if any permit is necessary with the council for parking outside the building.(If needed we will ask you to pay the parking fees for the truck the time of the move).
    2. This point is very important, specially in some specific areas like CBD; where you will need a parking authorisation for the truck in Loading/ Unloading bay during the move(ask your building manager )
  4. General Rules of Building/ Apartment: Any specific rules of the building.
  5. Move-Relocations Time-frame:
    1. You will need to tell the building manager the time we will arrive and leave.
    2. You can ask our operation manager and he will give you an accurate time-frame.
Kroos Professional Furniture Removalists At Work

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Are you have any apartment moving needs?

If YES, Simply Call #Expertmovers Kroos Logistics. Logistics Services that we’re offering as below:

Image of Kroos Logistics Serviec and Truck
  • Household Removals.
  • Local Perth Removals and Western Australian Relocations.
  • House Packing.
  • Office Move.
  • Government Move.
  • Industrial Move.
  • Transport.
  • Rubbish Removals.
  • Dedicated and specific Heavy Transportation.
  • Tailgate/ Tailift Transport

For All your relocation needs; Contact Kroos Logistics experts👍🏻.

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