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When it comes to relocating your full house or apartment, one of the main challenging items to move would surely be the fridge. Indeed, nowadays, the fridge can be of every size, shape, weight and equipped with any specific setup (water, computer, etc…)


Furthermore, you will have to take specific care as the fridge will be most likely the most expensive piece of your household with couches and mattresses.


How to move your fridge safely?


First of all, there is a different kind of fridges, and obviously, some are easier to relocate than others.


If you have a single-door fridge, less than 200 hundred liters, you might be able to do it yourself without trolleys by carrying it with a few mates (not recommended).


If your fridge is over 200 liters, you will need a fridge trolley to move it out of the house safely.


What kind of fridges can be moved during a residential move?


  • Single door fridge / Freezer
  • Double door fridge / Freezer
  • French door fridge / Freezer
  • Wine fridge
  • Bar fridge / Beer fridge


Preparation Tips for moving your Fridge


  • Make it lighter, as much as possible.


Empty your fridge fully, put all the food in Esky or chill box for the time being. If you could empty all the shelving, it would definitely make the fridge lighter. It can be a good time for a full clean of your fridge!


  • Tape the door and the back plug cable (don’t use brown Tape, but preferably masking tape)
  • Empty the water tray at the back
  • You can bubble wrap the fridge to make it lighter


Fridge removalists Perth


Transporting your Fridge


With two people, use a moving trolley and maneuver through the house (one person using the trolley, one other holding the fridge to avoid scratches on the wall.


Fridge movers Perth


If your fridge is over 500 liters or if you have any steps or difficult access, it is strongly recommended to use professional fridge removalists in Perth.


Heavy fridge removalists Perth


If you are running a business and have any commercial fridge to move (restaurant fridge or any industrial fridge), it’s compulsory to use the services of professional fridge movers in Perth.

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