Heavy Table Removalists Perth: What You Need To Know

Heavy Table Removalists Perth
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When it comes to moving specific and difficult items, it is strongly recommended to use the service of an expert with tricky access. You can, of course, do it yourself, but if you don’t have the tools and knowledge, it can lead to accidents, damages, and a lot of hassle. 

How to choose your heavy table removalists in Perth? 

Firstly, make sure that the company got the skills for any operations involving heavy items. Ask them if they can do it, check their website, social media photos, or any customer’s feedback. It is, of course, important to use the service of professionals operating for a few years. 

Heavy Table Removals in Perth: when to call an expert removalist? 

What kind of heavy table require specific care and the needs of expert movers? Basically, any items weighing more than 60 Kg. 

Heavy Wooden Table: If the table is made of wood, it will surely cost a bit of money. There is a different kind of wood, but the main ones to move would be Jarrah Table, Marri Marri table, Oak table or ebony table. Needless to say, that all those woods are very heavy.


Heavy Table Removalists Perth

Heavy Wooden Table Removalists Perth


Heavy Marble Table or Granite Table OR Concrete Table: Those kinds of tables are effortless to chip, so it’s very important to wrap them carefully with bubble wrap. Most of those items come into two pieces (top and base). As the base can be over 80 kg, you might need three or four removalists for this kind of operation.


heavy marble table removals


Heavy Glass Table: Depending on the thickness, some tabletop can be extremely heavy. Needless to say, that the table is very fragile and needs extra protection. The best is again to wrap the table with thick bubble wrap carefully.


heavy glass table removalists


Shall the removalist dismantle the table?  

Yes, in most of the case, the table should be dismantled. It will be easier to move and maneuver in the corridor. The removalist should lay a blanket on the floor, tilt the table upside down and then take off the legs. 

In any case of heavy tabletop over 80 kg, the moving company will surely bring specific tools as a pool table cart or heavy-duty dollies. A third man is compulsory for this kind of operation. 


heavy table movers perth




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