How do you know that your Removalist can handle Big Move?

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So you are ready to move your household removals? Moving requires a lot of time and preparation and anticipation is the key factor.

Among all the removalists in Perth, there are good and bad service providers.

When it comes to choosing your removal company in Perth, it’s important to have pieces of advice and recommendations.

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But another topic is primordial if you are looking for budget removal in Perth: Can the furniture removalists handle my big move?

If you have a 3 or 4 bedrooms move, any full house with a shed, a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment with difficult access, you need an experienced and skilled company as this required seasoned removalists and experience 

Below a few tips and advices when it comes to Select your moving company

(1) Do they provide a full range of services?

  • Any serious removals companies in Perth will provide a wide range of services going from furniture removals, to commercial movers, packing and unpacking services, rubbish removal, junk removal, business removals, office relocation.
  • If your provider offers this full range of services, it’s a good sign that they can handle your big move.
  • Please check their website for verification and ask what kind of services do they offer.
  • It can be a good occasion to ask for prices for additional services ( cleaning, rubbish removals, packing etc…) and may be asked for a global relocation package.

(2) Do they have big trucks with tailift?

In one of our previous blog, we spoke about how to choose the right truck size for your move.

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When you have a big move, over 3 bedrooms with shed, you definitely need a big truck ( if the parking is doable of course )

Kroos Logistics Removals Truck with Taillift 1500kg capacity

With a big truck, you will avoid two or three runs and surely save some money.

We generally used 5 tons truck / 42 cubic for a 3 bedroom with small shed and 9 tons truck / 55 cubic for 4 bedrooms with sheds or any big relocation.

  • A tailgate (or tail lift) is the hydraulic platform (hoist) at the back of a truck, with this tool, the moving company can lift heavy items straight into the truck. It’s quicker and easier to load the furniture removal truck.
  • On top of that, if you have a big move with a lot of boxes and cabinet, it’s better to organise the load as more space to work.
  • If you are moving from or to the CBD, with difficult access, one or two small trucks can be necessary too.
  • If you have a large move and need two small trucks and four or five removalists, make sure that the moving company can provide such service.

Indeed, with this kind of operation set up, you can surely save 20 to 30% on your bill in the case of large flat or apartments move ( duplex, penthouse, 3 bedrooms flat etc…)

(3) Do they have all the Gears

A good moving company is always set with all the necessary gears to move your items.

Kroos Rent Removals Truck with Equipments Straps Ties

These Removalists Equipments and Tools includes :

  • Removal trolley
  • Removal dolly 
  • Blankets 
  • Straps 
  • Piano trolley 
  • Cart trolley 
  • Toolbox

You can ask the moving company about their gears or check online on social media if they have all the professional equipment required to move your house.

Indeed, in case of big moves, this would change a lot about efficiency and then the final bill for you would be lower.

(4) Do they have Good Reviews from customers with big removals

When you are looking for furniture removalists in Perth, it’s very important to check the Perth removalists reviews.

Adam Willett Recommends Kroos Logistics Big Movers Service
Customer Adam Willett Recommends Kroos Logistics for Big Movers Service

Indeed, all the moving company have a different kind of reviews, but by checking the positive reviews on big moves you will know straight away if the household removals provider can handle your move smoothly.

Don’t know which Removalists company to choose in Perth?

Kroos Logistics Removals has been ranked as one of the most reputable moving company in Perth.

By checking the Perth removalists reviews, you can see that we have extensive experience and good feedback from all our customers.

We are proud to say that the expert of budget removals in Perth. Whenever you are looking for home movers in Perth or even commercial movers, we will be glad to help you with your relocation.

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