How Much Does it Cost to Hire Removalist in Perth?

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When it’s time to choose a moving company, there are many different options among the scope of service and rates.

Once you selected some reputable and reliable company, you have to ask the detail of their fees and rates to make your choice. Many customers get mixed up with all the different kind of fees that a moving company could charge.

You can find below a sum up how many type of the Costs/Charges that furniture removals company could invoice.

What are #8 Types of Costs that Removalist Can Invoice?

  1. Call-out Fees.
  2. Depot To Depot Fees.
  3. Travel Fees OR Fuel Levy Charges.
  4. Minimum Job Time Charges.
  5. Insurance Fees.
  6. Trolley OR Gears Fees.
  7. Specific Items Fees.
  8. Stairs OR Double Stored Home Move Charges.

Just For Information: Kroos Logistics Removals don’t invoice most of them, see our household removals pricing on the website for more information.

Kroos Logistics Removalist Costs List

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Call-out Fees

Charge when you booked a company and you cancel last minute or a few days before. Then the company charge you a call-out charges.

Depot to Depot Fees

Some company start to charge you when they leave their depot or base and then on the way back too.

Travel Fees OR Fuel Levy Charges

Some businesses charge a flat rate travel fee to cover their fuel cost expenses

Minimum Job Time Charges

On some cases, no matter how small the job is, some company apply a minimum time(ex: 2 hours minimum).

Insurance Fees

Charge to cover insurance policy expenses.

Trolley OR Gears Fees

Charge if trolley or specific gears are needed on the job

Specific Items Fees

In some cases(heavy items, pool table, marble etc…) company charged more and apply a special rates.

Stairs or Double Stored Home Move Charges

Numerous company charged an additional cost for any stairs involved in the move.

Follow #2 Steps to Avoid Extra Charges while Hiring Removalists

  1. Step 1: Communication with the moving company is primordial.
  2. Step 2: Ask for a written quote with all the details and don’t hesitate to get in touch if any questions or blurry point. Many customers had bad surprises while paying or receiving the invoice.

Kroos Logistics take great care of our customer relation and good communication is our priority. Our team of professional movers has been recognized by our very happy customers as reliable, courteous, hard worker and diligent. We take care!

If you are looking for an affordable moving company in Perth, yet professional, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We pride to be one of the best quality removalists in Perth.

Check our website’s household removals section for more Information.

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