How To Choose A Right Removalist?

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Hello everybody.

I am Eric, business owner of Kroos Logistics Removals in Perth. Our company is a Perth based and western Australian moving company. We are proud to offer a local move service around the Perth metro.

When it comes to choosing a good moving company, it’s important to check different information and parameters.

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What Take In Consideration Before To Choose A Removalist?

  1. ⚠️ Cheap rate doesn’t mean cheap global service. If the people don’t know how to lift furniture, how to organise the pickup, how to load a truck, how to wrap and take care of furniture, it will surely cost you more money.
  2. ⚠️ In this industry, people who offer rate under $80 per hour are definitely not serious and reliable. You can’t hire a good removalist, have insurance, cover all your cost at a low rate like that. You will surely have issues and end up with more drama.
  3. ⚠️ The day of your move is primordial: the moving company has to show up, be on time and finish the job, the same day. Hiring non-professional removalist peoples can lead to issues, move not finished the same day and trouble with your real estate or extra cost for your budget.
  4. ⚠️ Insurance has to be subscribed by the moving company for your belongings or the eventual damage to the property. Otherwise, in case of an incident, this can cost you a fortune.

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How To Make Sure I Choose The Right Moving Company?

  • 80% of the local company in Perth provide hourly rates. In this industry, it is very hard to forecast an exact and accurate time for a job as we are on demand and customer requests can change.
  • If the rate is too suspiciously low, it is important that you check reviews and online reputation of the company. You would be very surprised to see some dreadful feedback from customers.
  • Think about paying more to have the right skilled people. If you pay $10 more per hour for a 5 hours move, it might be $50 additional, but for a house, you will be moving in for years. And furthermore, your expensive couch or double door fridge won’t be damaged.
  • Check if there is depot to depot fees, minimum time, the way company invoice (invoice exact time spent?) and if insurance is included or not.
  • Insurance: Check if the provider got insurance. Ask for a contract policy.
  • Check Facebook or Instagram: it’s a good overview of the job performed by the company (photos or videos). On top of that, in 2019, a good well run business is active on those social media.

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Below a sum up of our Logistics & Removals Services:

  1. ✅ Local Household and Furniture Move
  2. ✅ Furniture Shop Pick Up and Deliveries
  3. ✅ Rubbish Removals(On Demand)
  4. ✅ Storage Unit In and Ex Store
  5. ✅ Country WA Move
  6. ✅ Office Move
  7. ✅ Packing
  8. ✅ Cleaning
  9. ✅ Express Transport

Want to know more about our services! OR Have a Query about removals, storage, cleaning, home and office relocation services? Simply, Contact Kroos Logistics or Give us direct Call on 0457638389.

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