How to Choose Right Rental Moving Truck?

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When it comes to move your house and rental moving truck, the decision can be difficult. Indeed, it’s never easy to know your volume and if it will fit or not.

Furthermore, if you are moving further than 20 min away, you don’t want to do 2 trips as this would eventually cost you more money.

Which size of the moving truck should I rental?

Are you Confused? Don’t worry and read below our removals experts’ Recommendations

Top #5 tips to choose right moving trucks for your needs

1) Ask for a quotation with truck dimensions and volume

The provider that you choose must give you a different available option. As a result, you can compare the size of his truck for your house move.

2) Check the CBM(cubic meters)

Tonnage of a truck is not that important. What’s primordial is the volume of the truck.

Below some examples of normal trucks and their usage

3 Example of Moving Trucks Load Capacity with usage

Kroos Logistics Moving Truck Rental Options
Various Kroos Logistics Moving Truck Rental Options
  1. 3 Tons / 18 to 22 Cubic Meters: mostly used for small removals, single items, or small/average relocation with short travelling distance. It has to be used too in case of bad access or CBD delivery. Please note that in case of heavy items, the tailgate could be not sufficient.
  2. 5 Tons / 32 to 40 Cubic Meters: mostly used for 2 to 3 bedrooms houses. This is the most used truck in the removals industry. Indeed it can take a lot of furniture without doing two trips, easy to park as not too long or not too high. If set up with a good tailgate, it can take heavy or specific items too
  3. 9-10 Tons / 40 to 50 Cubic Meters: used mainly for 4 bedrooms houses or big interstate move. Or any big removals with a shed, pots plants and a lot of items. This truck is really big and can’t park everywhere. Mainly used for houses or businesses.

3) Ask advice to the moving company

You can get in touch with our operation team. Indeed, our relocation specialist has years of experience in the removals industry.

If our customer gives us the right information, we can work it out and find the right truck suitable to Your move estimations.

However, it’s very important that you give an accurate list or provide photos and describe the access at both ends. By doing so, our operation team can check it out and give you the best advice.

4) Before to book, Give access details to the moving company

Make sure that there is no parking restrictions or any height restriction at your place and where you are moving too.

Check that the driveway is OK and that there is no tree or anything that could avoid the truck to park correctly.

5) Rental Moving Truck with Tailgate or Not?

Some company use ramps and don’t have a tailgate. At Kroos Logistics all our vehicles are set up with the tail lift. Indeed, it’s easier for us and we find it more effective.

Kroos Logistics Removals Trucks with Tail Gate Lift
Kroos Logistics Removals Trucks with Tail Gate Lift

In any case of heavy items(piano for example), you will definitely need one.

Why to check out Kroos Logistics moving trucks rental options?

Please ask the moving company and they will advise you on various options of rental moving trucks according your needs.

The right choice of vehicle is important for you and us. In order to be efficient and avoid doing a few useless runs and therefore have a better rate for you.

You can Get In Touch with our relocation expert and we will be pleased to answer to your questions and advise you about the right size of truck for your house removal.

Kroos Logistics Removals is a Perth based company. We aimed to provide the best relocation service for our customers with an affordable price goal.

Our very high-quality standards helped us to build a solid reputation around the Perth metro.

Adding to this, Our customers’ reviews speak for themselves. They keep calling us back and recommend to any of their friends or relatives.

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