How to Move Your Aquarium: Fish Tank Removalist Perth

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A fish tank or aquarium is a marvelous add-on to your house. Seeing beautiful fishes in your living room can be very relaxing and look good in terms of design.


However, when it comes to moving your fish tank, this is another story!


Looking for fish tank removalists in Perth?


Indeed, fish tanks generally ranked between 50 kg to 400 kg, depending on the size and setup, and it’s essential to have tight gears in order to relocate your aquarium smoothly.


  • Empty Your Fish Tank Fully 


Even fully emptied, your aquarium will be very heavy. So, make sure to empty all the water, all the rocks, all the decoration. And all the fishes!

Fish tank removalists Perth


  • Use Professional Removalists for Large Fish Tank 


If you have to move a fish tank and it’s bigger than 200 liters, it is strongly recommended to use the service of professional fish tank removalists in Perth.


Those expert movers will have all the tools, knowledge, and skills to relocate your fish tank smoothly.


Furthermore, it will be better to have a truck with a tailgate to lift the heavy load in the truck in most cases.


Aquarium removalists Perth


  • Check the Access 


If heavy aquarium, it will be important to check the access: no steps or stairs, no narrow corridor, and nothing too hard if you use a dolly ( skate on wheels)


  • Either use good gears or manpower 


If your tank is heavy, you will surely need 4 strong men. But even with the right manpower, it will be hard to lift it and carry it to your trailer.


Heavy fish tank removalist Perth


We generally advise leaning the heavy piece on two heavy duties dollies. Then roll this to the truck or trailer and lift again with all your helpers. This is when the access is important then: if steps or narrow access, you won’t use the dolly safely.


  • If it sits on top of a metal frame or a cabinet: 


Cabinet: transport the glass tank separately (split it from the cabinet in order to make it lighter)


Metal frame: If the metal frame, it is often easier to transport the whole lot together (metal frame _+ glass cabinet). Indeed, you will have a better grip to lift and/or put on the dolly. You can then strap the glass part to the metal frame with two straps and ratchets for safety purposes.

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