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Moving your plants can be one of the hardest and challenging tasks to do during your relocation. Pot plants are heavy, bulky, and can easily break. Furthermore, you can damage your wall or the plant itself. It generally takes a lot of space in the truck as we can’t really stack it up properly. 

3 Best Tips On How To Move With Plants

Advice #1: If one of your items is heavier than 100 kg, please call a moving company specialized in pot plant transportation. Indeed, even if you want to save money, moving those kinds of things can be dangerous, and you might hurt yourself. The pot plants movers Perth will have all the tools to transport them safely as you will need a heavy-duty dolly, maybe some specific straps. If it’s a big and heavy pot plant, a tailgate or hoist at the back of the truck might be necessary. 


Advice #2: Preparation: Make sure not to water the plants the day before. Indeed, this would make them heavier and harder to move.  


Assess the state of the pot: if terracotta, sitting at the same spot for years, it might be worn and very hard to move. Some pots are too fragile and, if too old, definitely won’t make it to the delivery place. 


If your plant is too big for the pot, it could be an excellent time to switch to a new pot. Very often, roots become voluminous and can damage the pot itself. If that is the case, try to avoid re-plan the pot fully and fill it with soil. It will be lighter to move then.


In the case of a huge pot, the solution would be to take off some soil. Items heavier than 150 kg can’t be moved without a specific and costly machine. 


Advice #3: Use Tools 


No matter what you do, it is medium-sized pots or bigger, and you will have to use specific mover’s tools as it will be too hard to carry. You can use a sturdy trolley or heavy-duty dolly. Help from your mates could be helpful too. We strongly recommend using gloves and eyewear protection. 


As written above, if your pot plants are too big or bulky or if your access is difficult (stairs etc… ), the best and most efficient solution would be to use a professional pot plants removalist Perth.  


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