How To Organise Your House Packing? Tips

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Kroos Logistics Removals is a leading removals company in Perth. We have extensive experience and numerous years of house Removals behind us.
As a removalist in Perth, we did perform thousand of jobs with many happy customers.

If you want your move to be smooth and efficient, your packing organisation is the key factor.

Your packing has to be neat and well organised. This would help the movers to optimise the truck loading and be quicker in their organisation.

Below are the main packing organisation tips regarding your house removal:

Top #9 Packing Tips for Moving House

  1. Book your moving company 3 weeks prior to your removal.
  2. Start packing two to three weeks before.
  3. Buy some boxes, bubble wrap paper.
  4. Boxes: You will need tea chest boxes, book boxes, portarobe.Kroos Packing Service
    1. Tea Chest: For all miscellaneous items, not too heavy (kitchen, stationery, linen, garage stuff ). The box should not weight more than 10-15 kg.
    2. Book Boxes: Anything heavy like books, magazines etc. The box should not weight more than 8-10 kg.
    3. Portarobe Box: For all hanging clothes, garage stuff or shed stuff. All the oversized items.
    4. EVERYTHING has to be Packed: No small random items. You can use a plastic tub, crates, miscellaneous packing boxes.
    5. Another option is to use large packing bags. For very light stuff (cushions, linen, light toys etc.), you can use plastic bin bags too(preferably thick rubbish bags.)
  5. How to Pack a Box?
    1. Use Butcher Paper(special packing paper), put a large layer at the bottom. Same at the top once finished.Kroos House Packing Tips Papers Boxes
    2. Every single breakable item has to be wrapped carefully with paper between the layer. For kitchen packing, we strongly recommend to check videos online.
  6. Write details of items inside on the box:
    1. Items/ Content
    2. Location in the house.
    3. Your name.
    4. If Breakable or Fragile.
  7. Long Items – Make a bundle with sticky tape for Broom, Bed slats, every other long item.
  8. Picture / Painting: Use bubble wrap OR special picture boxes(picture pack).
  9. TV:
    1. Bubble wrap the TV
    2. Use the original box Or
    3. Purchase a special TV box.

Helpful BONUS Tips: GET INFOGRAPHIC Moving Packing Tips

If you have any questions or need advice regarding your household removals, don’t hesitate to ask our operations crew, they will be happy to answer your question.

We serve private customers for all their relocation needs from A To Z.

  • This include Packing / Removals / Cleaning / Rubbish removals.
  • We serve corporate customers and businesses for all their business needs.
  • This include Office relocation / Packing / Industrial move / Specific and sensitive move / Transport.

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