How to unpack your house for removal?

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Today we will talk on how to unpack your house for your relocation.

So, that’s it, all your items, boxes and household are delivered to your new house?

Now it’s time to unpack!

Below a few tips on how to unpack your house for your home removals.

(1) Make sure that all the boxes are in the right room

It seems to be very obvious, but we very often notice a waist of time and efficiency due to wrong labelling or boxes dropped off at the wrong place.

Let’s start from the beginning

  • Make sure that your boxes are packed neatly in a professional way ( please check out two blogs link below on how to pack boxes and how to pack your house for your move)
  • Please label your boxes. Write the content of each box precisely. If fragile or breakable, either put special tape or write it in a different colour. If fragile or breakable, make sure to use a lot of paper and bubble wrap.
  • Write the room location on your box. Like this, you won’t have to check in every box while dispatching. 
  • Write the room name on the door. You can simply use white paper sheet with name on it and tape it to the door.
  • Please guide and give clear instructions to the removalist before the dispatch.

(2) Ask help from your family and friend

With some help from your friends and relatives, your unpacking can be done within a couple of hours.

Make sure to tell the people unpacking to be aware of the kitchenware as this could be breakable.

Start with the kitchen as this is the biggest part with the most volume paper wise.

(3) Put all the boxes and packing gears away

You can store the packing gears in the garage or under the carport. Make sure to flattened those cartons and stacked them by sizes.

Always keep a couple of boxes taped in order to put all the used paper inside.

You can put an add on social media selling or giving away those boxes and hopefully, they will be gone by the end of the day.

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