Moving a Pool Table from Armadale to Gosnells: Customer Success Story

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Our customer found us on Yellow pages and got in touch with us for a quotation. He was looking for a pool table removalist in Perth.

What is Pool Table Removals Requirement of Customer?

As an Armadale removalist, we know the suburb and have trucks every day in the area. Our customer Tim called us to ask us for a quotation for his pool table.

How we perform the entire Move?

Of course, the Pool table is very heavy and as a professional removalist we asked him some essential questions:

  • Size of the pool table
  • Access pick up
  • Access delivery

On top of that, we generally ask for a photo from our customer (access and pool table). We enquired about both ends of course.

Pick up place was pretty easy as the pool table was sitting outside on the terrace. There were no steps and the entrance of the patio was pretty wide.

Delivery was a little bit more tricky to deliver as the pool table was going in the living room. We had two steps at the front, a normal side gate and a wide door to get in the living room.

  • We sent the crew on-site with all our special tools to move this kind of items removalist straps and our pool table cart.
  • The (strong) boys did set up the cart trolley and transport the pool table safely.
  • They did use their special straps to lift the pool table over those two steps at the delivery place.
  • They spent exactly 1:15 min and the customer was delighted with the service.

Customer’s Feedback

Tom said “I couldn’t be happier. Boys were skilled and knew what they were doing.” Well done boys!

Why choose Kroos Logistics?

  • Right tools
  • Skilled movers
  • Friendly rates
  • Perth local company

We are one of the most reputable moving company in Armadale, and if you check the Kroos Removal Reviews you can note that we provide a five stars service with thousands of happy customers.

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