Moving Antiques Furniture in Melville: Customer Success Story

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Today we will speak about a customer from Alfred cove called Rick.

What are Antique Furniture Removals Requirements of Customer?

His move was only 7 items to move from Alfred Cove to Applecross.

However, Rick told us over the phone that it was antiques furniture, valuable, and very fragile.

The customer was not on a budget but told us that of course, he didn’t want any damages to the precious antique furniture.

How Rick choose Kroos Logistics for Antiques Removals?

He actually selected us as he saw on our photos on Facebook and Instagram and after consulting our website knew that we were the right company for the job.

Indeed, if you have antiques and valuable furniture as our client: don’t try to move it yourself.

You need some knowledge and skills to perform this kind of removal. You can easily break or dent, chipped those beautiful and sometimes priceless furniture.

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How we perform Antiques Furniture Removals in Melville?

  1. We asked from some photos from Rick. Once received we decided to bubble wrapped everything. Indeed not only the furniture was old and precious, but very fragile and delicate.
  2. We spent one hour to bubble wrapped all the delicate items and they deliver to our customer new place.
  3. On top of that, we used many blankets to wrapped again the furniture to avoid vibrations during the transport.
  4. Nothing got damaged, everything was delivered in pristine condition

Rick was very happy and already told us he will book us again when he will move out!

Another successful move.

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