Moving Jarrah Table Furniture in Rockingham: Customer Success Story

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Today we will talk about a move of a Jarrah table from North of the river to Rockingham.

Our customer found our details on Gumtree and send us a text message for single items removals from Morley to Kwinana Rockingham.

What is Jarrah Table Removals Requirement of Customer?

Moving heavy items is never easy. You need to select the right removalist, with the right skills and tools, but especially the right knowledge of the items to move.

How we perform heavy wooden furniture Move?

It was 8 seaters square Jarrah table, with a rough weight of 150 kg. Experience is compulsory and you need to hire a reliable and reputable moving company.

Custom Jarrah Table Furniture Removals in Rockingham Perth Hills Move

For this kind of operations, you need to know about access and details of the move.

  • Our movers decided to take off the legs and used our cart (used normally for a Pool table). Indeed, impossible to manoeuvre this heavy table through the corridor.
  • Once the flat top of the table on the trolley, they decided to wrapped the wooden piece with quilted blankets and they used heavy-duty straps to make sure the table wouldn’t move during transport.
  • They spent 30 min loading the table, 30 min travelling, and 30 min unloading. The table was delivered safe and sound.

Customer’s Review

She said “the service was incredibly efficient and affordable. Will use again for my house move”.

Well done boys!Get Your Furniture Removals Quote

Why use Kroos Logistics for Rockingham Removals?

  • One of the best moving company in Perth.
  • Years of operations.
  • Experience.
  • Good reviews.

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