Infographic of Moving & Packing Tips

Infographics of Moving Packing Tips - Packers and Movers perth

Here some advice to make the move quicker. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to do it, please note that Kroos logistics removals provide all of the above as part of our standard service.

  • Dismantle the bed
  • Unplugged TV
  • Unplugged Washing machine or dishwasher
  • Pack everything into boxes, crates or plastic tub. (More small items = more time to move)
  • Put a maximum of items into the garage
  • If two story house put the small items downstairs or in the garage
  • Consider selling stuff that you don’t need anymore (fewer items = less space = quicker )


Moving Packing Tips + Checklist For Owners:

  1. First thing is first. Make moving fun. A change is always as good as a holiday so let’s help you through your move.
  2. Pack all your items that are not needed urgently prior to your move, packing is a much more time involved task than what most people think.
  3. Try packing one room at a time and allow plenty of time to pack a room to prevent confusion as you go.
  4. Make sure all breakables are wrapped sufficiently before placing into boxes.
  5. Always tape top and bottom of boxes ensuring you have labeled the box with room and contents.
  6. Pull all beds, cots, tables, swing sets, trampolines etc. apart to ensure more room in the truck and to allow a quicker more efficient removal.
  7. Any items that will fit into boxes should be placed into boxes to allow easier and safer transport.
  8. Televisions, computers, DVD players, stereos etc. should also be placed into boxes unless you cannot find boxes large enough (ask what boxes we have available also).
  9. If you are moving your fridge or freezer into storage placing tea bags or bicarb inside helps to prevent mold.
  10. If you have a Ute or van and want a cheaper move to try moving all the small/loose items/boxes yourself prior to your moving day so its only big items that need moving – cut your costs/time in half.
  11. Don’t forget to pack a priority carton or two which may include the likes of your kettle, coffee, tea, pet foods, keys, remotes, medications, toilet paper, mobile chargers etc. Easier than searching through all your cartons when you need these things urgent.
  12. Don’t overload cartons. Don’t place books or files into tea chest size cartons; use book cartons for smaller heavy items to ensure they travel safe and the cartons don’t break.
  13. Any liquids, condiments etc. should have a secure lid before being placed inside cartons.
  14. Fuel, full gas bottles, explosives, flammables etc. are to be moved by owner.
  15. All pet beds/ kennels/cages/fish tanks/bins should be cleaned and empty ready for transport.
  16. Empty fuel from lawn mowers, whipper snipper etc. prior to transport.
  17. Don’t forget to prior arrange your electricity, gas, phone, water etc for your new home so its all done before moving day to allow us to plug in appliances after transport so you are good to go.


Remember the first tip. Make moving fun. Find things you thought you lost, clear out that shed or cupboard you ‘Are going to get around to one day ‘.

We hope we have helped to point you in the right direction, so no time like the present. Make a start now so you’re not rushed on moving day. We look forward to being of service to you.