Moving to Fremantle? Tips on how to select your removalist for your next move

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That’s it? Decided to change suburb and move to Fremantle? Good move.

Fremantle is one of the most attractive suburbs in Perth. His beautiful streets, markets, good food, cultural centre and all the marvellous things will definitely charm you and you will never leave.

Below some tips on how to choose a good removalist in Fremantle

We already talked on our blog on how to find a reputed and affordable moving company in Perth.

(1) Check the Address

  • Simply check his address on google or the location of his warehouse.
  • Many removalist or moving company claimed to be a specialist in Fremantle relocation, but are based far away. It is very often just a marketing technique to get more customers in the area.

(2) Check the Reviews

  • You can check for example if the customers said anything about location in their reviews and of course Fremantle and surroundings.

(3) Ask on Social Media

  • You can use Facebook and any group related to the Fremantle area to ask which Fremantle removalist to choose.
  • People with experience will give you their feedback on companies they already tried.
  • But most importantly, they will tell you which company not to Choose or if they had bad experiences.

(4) Ask for Insurance

  • No matter what happens and which company you selected, ask for insurance.

(5) Check the location of Social Media Post

  • You can check Facebook and especially Instagram to see where the picture was taken.
  • If you see a few jobs performed in Freo, that’s it!

If you are looking for movers in Fremantle, you can give Kroos Logistics Removals a call.

Why Choose Kroos Logistics for your Move?

Kroos Logistics Removals is one of the most renowned moving company in the Perth area. We provide a full relocation package including cleaning, removalfurniture shop picks up, rubbish removals.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We did serve thousands of customers with a 5 stars service and with true dedication and diligence.

Check out: Customer Success Story: Apartment Move in Fremantle

Furthermore, we are proud to say that we are the local fremantle removalist with a strong and solid reputation.

You can speak to our sales or operations crew if you have any queries about your house removals in Fremantle, Perth or,

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