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KROOS Logistics provide an office corporate relocation for all type of business around the Perth metro area. No matter the size of your company, we can help you with your move.
As a business, we deeply understand that you need an efficient and quick service in order to keep your company running and make this office move quick, but smooth. Our general offer is a day time service, but we offer an early morning or evening relocations too.
Our extensive fleet of vehicles allows us to move corporate office from 1 employee / 1 desk till 300 employees / 300 desk.
Our service include the move of your desk, computer, shelves, documents, but above all, the disassembly of your work station by our professional team.
Our moving gears include boxes, crates, labels and all your corporate belongings will be packed following your office layout, and each work station individually with a sticker accordingly.
We aim to provide you with the best office move relocation in Perth and our logistics specialist will always analyze your needs in order to provide you with the most efficient trucking and staffing configuration, in link with a deep thinking of the project organization, with as a result, the cheapest service for your need.
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We provide a same day quote, and 80 % of our quote are given
within one hour, so don’t wait anymore: ask us for a price!

Don’t forget our eco-friendly cleaning service for a full quote pack!


Kroos Logistics offer a Large Range of Service to fit your need and We are able to provide you with a Full Package for your Relocation . Same Provider, Same Service : Simple And Easy . Ask us for a Quote.
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