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When you move your house, one of the most tedious parts can be the packing. Indeed, a lot of small pieces of stuff has to be pack neatly in order to avoid damages. Furthermore, it takes time and it can be stressful for you and your family. As a quality service provider, KROOS Logistics supply a professional packing service. Our team can pack everything to get your house ready for the D day. This included packing of your belongings in boxes following the appropriate item (books, dishes, pictures, TV …), wrap everything with paper, cover with plastic and foam.

Packing and Packing Gears Perth

Why to Book Trusted Packers and Movers in Perth!

Moving house? and you might have no time for packing and you simply don’t want to do it. We totally understand as we know better than anybody how hard and tedious can be a house packing. You have to make sure that absolutely everything is in boxes, packed neatly to avoid damages.

Packing a full house is time-consuming too as you can spend up to 10 hours with two peoples. So it’s almost 2 or 3 full days of hard work for two peoples for example. If you have kids or a lot of items, it can be even more time spent.

  • Professional Packers and movers are very efficient and caring. They can pack your house within a few hours with all their process and skills.
  • Furthermore, they will come with all the suitable packing gears, so you don’t have to worry about finding packing material at the right price, what kind of boxes to buy and the number of packing gears needed.
  • Even with the utmost care, you never know if your delicate or breakable chinaware our your fragile items will make it. Indeed packing a house requires some skills and knowledge.

KROOS Logistics removals got a seasoned team of skilled packers with experience, very caring and well organised. Our team generally packed a 3 bedrooms house within a day and do the removals the day after.

Why use Home Packing Services for your Removals?

  • Same team packing and same team (or company) doing the removals is beneficial in term of quality and quantity. Indeed, the movers know the furniture and boxes, house layout and will be very quick to load. They will know what to load first and which items or boxes to take care of as everything will be perfectly labelled.
  • Your Fragile and delicate items will be taking care of and in any case of incident, you will be covered. Indeed, if you pack yourself, you are not covered by insurance (PBO Pack by Owner). If you use a moving company and something got damaged in one box, insurance will works (PBR Pack by removalist).
  • Dispatch in the new house will be much quicker too as all the boxes will be labelled neatly and the unload well organised by the movers.
  • Global relocation service: everything included in the same quotation.
  • No rubbish after unpacking: The removalist can pick up the paper, carton and all the used packing gears the same day.
  • Efficiency: once the movers leaves, almost everything is done. It would have normally taken you one or two weeks for the whole complete process.

Office Packing Services: Local Commercial Packers & Movers

In any case, your are running a business and you are looking for office packers and movers in Perth because you need downsizing, changed your organisation or simply move your office, you can call KROOS Logistics.

We can send professional packers and movers to pack your whole office neatly, including paperwork, archive, IT Material, office gears etc. Our team of removalist can bring packing material and then pick it up when you finished unpacking.


Use The Right Box

  • Standard box for misc items, glassware etc...
  • Book boxes for book, magazine etc...
  • Portarobe for hanging clothes,
  • Portarobe or standard for shed items.
  • TV box,
  • Use plastic tubs or crates.

Put all the important items (keys, money, valuable, paperwork, medicine, etc ...) and all the essential items that you will need straight away when moving in.

How To Pack A Box

  • Cross tape the bottom of the box, Put 15 cm of paper or linen at the bottom of the box, wrap each item individually with paper, put the items in the box ( up to 10) and put some paper on top for the first layer.
  • 3 to 5 layer by boxes, 10 cm paper on top before to close the box, put some paper on the side

Pre-Removels Tip

  • Wrap mattress with plastic cover,( if not leave the bedsheets on )
  • Wrap the lounge with plastic cover,
  • Sticky tape and make a bundle, for light length ( broome, garden tools, etc ... ) 0 Sticky tape bed slats as a bundle.

Time For A Good Clean Up?

Give some stuff away that you don't need or do a garage sale. You can create a charity box too for all the items(ex: toys, old clothes ...)that you want to give away.

Write on the box

  • Your name.
  • Location in the house ( Living room, Bedroom etc...)
  • Details of the items in the box.

Write fragile / breakable + type of items

Don't overload the boxes: not too much weight. Heavier items on top, lighter on the bottom. Use paper, foam, bubble wrap.Savings tips: Use newspaper.

Make sure that food, oil, liquids lids are well closed. Pack carefully the wine, either in a wine box or in a book box with a lot of paper. Don't pack the cleaning products. Either take it with you or give it to the removalist. If valuable or expensive items, let the removals company pack it.


Packing Boxes & Gears In Perth

You want to pack yourself? No worries
We sell numerous types of packing boxes and gears for your move.
Please find our packing box prices in the file below.
If order over $150, we provide a free delivery !

Why Choose KROOS Logistics removals for your home packing services in Perth?

  • Very reliable and organised moving company. Our background and experience speak for itself. We are demanding on every aspect of our business. Quality and respect to methodology and process are very important for us. We expect the same from our removalist
  • Good feedback and background: reputable removalist in Perth. We are operating for a few years now and served thousands of customers in Perth. We have very good reviews and our word of mouth community is growing!
  • Passion, pride and drive for our field and business. The removal industry can be tough and demanding but all our workers and professional removalist are driven by excellence and have one and only goal: customer satisfaction
  • Training and experience. Every removalist working for KROOS Logistics was trained thoroughly.
We provide a same day quote, and 80 % of our quote are given
within one hour, so don’t wait anymore: ask us for a price!

Don’t forget our eco-friendly cleaning service for a full quote pack!


Kroos Logistics offer a vast range of service to fit your need and We can provide you with a Full Package for your Removals. Same Provider, Same Service: Simple And Easy. Ask us for a quote.


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