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Here is one of

Our Happy Customer Success Story- Perth hills delivery

Explore What are requirements of move and How our experts completed the entire move seamless for the owner.

What are moving requirements?

Two weeks ago, we had a booking from Perth to Kalamunda.

Chris was looking for a removalist around Perth to give him a hand. 

He called us to get a quote and know our availability, but especially to know how to manage this particular move due to the items and access.

What are the Challenges? Why this move was specific?

  • Delivery access was very different than a normal house. Driveway was steep and we couldn’t park the truck close to the house 
  • The house was on a hill. The only way to reach the entrance of the house was to go through the garden on an uneven surface 
  • Nature of the items: Jarrah table 10 seaters, Marri Marri table flat top x 4, Jarrah entertainment unit, French door fridge.
Marri Marri table flat top

Now let’s have look at

How our professional experts made the complete move seamless

  • Loading at the Leeming house was steady and pretty fast. As a professional removalist, we are used to this kind of situation. We used our tools and especially our heavy-duty trolleys to make sure we could load efficiently the truck.
  • We couldn’t dismantle the Jarrah table as it was a Taylor made one. So we had to use two dollies and our movers’ skills to make sure it fits through the door.
  • Same for the Marri Marri tabletop ( 4 heavy pieces, 300 kg all up )
  • We had to use a Cart trolley that we normally used for a Pool table or heavy flat top.
  • Delivery at Kalamunda was very difficult. Firstly we couldn’t park the truck close to the house. 
  • Driveway was simply too steep and too narrow. So we had to move every single item up to an 80 meters hill before to reach the house.
  • Then we had to take every single item around the house through the garden ( the Jarrah table weight was 200 kg )

Hard Yakka!

  • We did use all our removalist gears, all our skills and all our power to make sure that this move was done. 

The move was done in 6 hours 45 mins, and Chris our customer was happy and delighted.

  • In this particular case, the only way to relocate those households was to call a moving company.
  • Indeed, the nature of the items and the access required a lot of experience and special tools.
  • This customer needed a big truck with a tail lift too.

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