Piano Removalists Perth – How To Move Your Piano Safely?

piano removalists perth
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A piano might be one of the hardest items of your household to move. It is heavy, bulky and very often expensive.

Most people call specialist piano movers as an accident can happen due to the weight ( piano weight between 100 and 400 kg ). If you’re piano tilt or fall down, you can damage your floor, wall or even injured peoples.

In most cases, you will need a few people and the right gears.

What kind of piano do I have to move?

  •  Electric piano ( As Korg or Yamaha etc … ) those ones are generally under 70 kg and can be done with two people without gears.
  • Upright piano. Very heavy, you will need gears as piano Dolly and probably 4 people.
  • Grand piano. It has to be done by professionals with insurance and very specific gears. Most of the time, the piano will be dismantled and crated.


piano removalists perth


Process for upright piano move 

If your piano is a pianola ( with a rolling partition inside ), it will surely be around 300- 400 kg, so you will need 4 to 6 guys. In any case, you will need specific gears.

1-) Rent a specific piano trolley with big tyres. A normal dolly won’t be enough, as the wheels will be too small and very often the weight carrying capacity will only be 200 kg.

2-) Check your access at both ends.

Measure doorsteps, corridors etc. 4 or 5 steps can be a real struggle if heavy piano, so you will need staff and strong people to help.

3-) Lift the piano altogether, and strap the piano to the specific dolly. Wrap the piano with blankets. Two straps and two ratchets will be necessary. IF YOU DON’T STRAP THE PIANO ACCIDENT WILL OCCUR. THE PIANO WILL TILT AND FALL DOWN

4-) Make sure that you have a ramp or tailgate on your truck or trailer

The legs of the piano are very fragile and breakable, don’t strap in the legs. Make sure to hold the piano during the whole process.

No matter, what happens, don’t drag the piano on the floor, as this would badly damage your wooden floor.

The best thing is to set some special rubber piano feet protection underneath in order to protect your precious floor.

heavy piano removals perth

Why called heavy piano removalists in Perth?

We strongly recommend not to move a piano yourself. It requires specific knowledge and specific gears. Furthermore, it can be very dangerous. By calling specialist Piano movers in Perth, it will be smooth with no hassle.


piano movers perth

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