Pool Table Removalists Perth – How to Move Your Pool Table Safely?

Pool table removalists Perth
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How to Move Your Pool Table, Snooker and Billiard? 4 Ultimate Moving Tips 

A pool table can be an amazing ad up to your living room. It’s not only stylish but a nice gathering with your dear friends during the evenings.

Moving this heavy piece is another story: indeed, a pool table can weight up to 250 kg, and you will need a strong helper or very specific tools.

#1: Call a Pool Table Removals in Perth

The best tip that we can give is to call experts pool table movers in Perth. You can choose to do it yourself, of course, but this is risky, especially if you don’t have the right amount of people helping or the right tools. So, we strongly recommend calling a specialist mover in a pool table.

#2: Check The Access And Measure Your Doors, Hallways And Corridors.

As the heavy piece is hard to lift, tilt and flip, you should already check if you will have to do any of those actions. Tilting your pool table will be the hardest thing, especially if you have single-door access.

If you have any steps on the way and no specific dollies, you will have to carry the heavy item. Check that your van or truck is large enough to fit your table.

#3: Find Some Strong Helpers

Get some help, a lot of help. To carry a pool table safely requires a minimum of four people. Five or six would even be better. Think that you might have a break before reaching your truck or trailer, so you might want to have some blankets ready to rest the table on the floor. Every helper should wear steel cap shoes.

#4: Get Some Tools If Possible

You can use two normal dollies (weight resistance 250 kg minimum), but as explained above, if you have any steps, you will have to lift and carry the table. The main risks would be to drop the table and damage the wooden edges. The best solution is finding either a pool table cart trolley or strapping the top to the trolley. A Gyproc trolley (use in construction) can be used too.

How to move your pool table?

Pool table removalists Perth


The top comes off and can be lifted with 4 or 5 guys.

  • If you use a cart pool table trolley or Gyproc, just tilt it on the trolley upright. Make sure to strap the tabletop thoroughly.
  • If you use normal dollies, put the table onto 2 dollies and roll it to your truck or trailer. Make sure there is no steps on the way of you will have to carry it then.
  • If you don’t use any tools, think that you might have to tilt it at one stage to fit through the door. As this is very heavy (even for 4 or 5 guys, you might have a break before to reach your truck or trailer)
  • The bottom (Legs) are generally light.



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