Removals Insurance Options For Your House Move{2020}

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Insurance is an important subject before to choose your removal company in Perth.

Insurance has to be subscribed by the moving company for your belongings or the eventual damage to the property. Otherwise, in case of an incident, this can cost you a fortune.

As our previous topic, very cheap movers under $90 per hour + GST can’t cover most of their fix cost, including insurance, and they have to underpay their workers. As a result, you will end up with unskilled people with a higher risk of damage.

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What to Check in Insurance for Removals Service?

In order to run our business professionally, Kroos Logistics removals have three insurance policy.

  1. Marine Cargo or Transit Insurance: To cover your precious items or household of any damages. If something happened to your furniture or appliances (couch, fridge, cabinet, etc…) during the loading or unloading, you will be cover. We have $50,000 protection.
  2. Public Liability Insurance: If anything happens in the street or outside with a 3rd party, to public properties or road, we have a policy for those case. We have $10 million protection
  3. Truck Insurance: This is more about the truck itself and therefore for the moving company.
  4. As a customer, you have to ask insurance number one(marine cargo or goods insurance) and number two(public liability).
  5. Ask your moving company to send you their policy by email as proof and protection.

Looking for a removalist in Perth to move your house?

Kroos Logistics Removals is the leading expert in household Removals in Perth metro. If you are thinking about choosing a mover in Perth to relocate your items, ask us for a quotation, we would be pleased to help you in the process.

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