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Fragile and Antiques Furniture Removals Perth

Antique furniture is a very fragile and sentimental part of any household. At Kroos Logistics Removals, we take care of your sentiments and remove fragile and antique furniture with great care. Since antiques are an expensive item in your furniture, we ensure that your item is removed and relocated safely to the destination. If you have any concerns regarding removing the Fragile and antique furniture, we would be happy to discuss the process.

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Fragile Furniture Removals Perth

The fragile items of your households like pool table, kitchenware, and piano will be handled with care with KROOS Logistics Removals. We offer the best services in the city with the most competitive rates. We also ensure that we bill you for the time we spent at work. There are no surprise charges for ancillary services.

Choose Right Fragile Removal Service for your Antiques

At Kroos Logistics Removal, we offer cheap and best removal solutions for you. We have a fleet of trucks that are spacious enough to carry your large or small size of furniture items. You can choose the truck according to your need, and we offer to help you move with your antiques with great assurance. The truck and dollies are in good state and smooth conditions and our movers very efficient; hence we ensure that your antiques are relocated with care and without any bumps on the way.

Antique Furniture Removalist Perth

If you have precious and delicate pieces of furniture, it goes without saying that you don’t want any damages. Antique furniture is very easily breakable and hard to fix or replace. Over the years, we did transport some unique and fragile cabinets, some priceless, without any issues.

Antiques removals and fragile furniture , breakable items movers

Over the years we did move and relocate very specific items :

  • Pot plants and delicate vases, ceramics
  • Paintings and picture
  • Mirrors
  • Dressing table
  • Display cabinets
  • Antique glass cabinet
  • Aquarium and fish tank
  • Mirror cabinets
  • Large TV screen
  • Marble and delicate stone
  • Large lamps and lampshades
  • Chinaware, dinnerware
  • Glassware , crystals , porcelain and delicate kitchenwares
  • Electronics , LCD screens
  • Wine and spirits

Fine art and artworks relocation

Transporting your precious and delicate painting and artwork is a professional task , so let the expert take care of it .

At Kroos Logistics Movers, we did relocate safely hundreds of very valuable artwork , some worth more than $100 000.

In those specific removal, packing is the key . So our expert advisors will pack your artwork with bubble wrap, paper , specific pictures pack . In some cases, your paintings will be professionally crated for safe transportation.

Please see our team at work :

KROOS Logistics MOVERS House and Office Removalists Perth


Choose professional Fragile Removalists Perth

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