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Reliable Office Removals in Perth

Moving your office from one place to another in Perth is certainly exciting, but you may have to suffer unless you hire the right professionals for the moving service. Kroos Logistics Perth offers professional solutions for commercial and corporate relocation. No matter the size of your company, we will help you with the move. What makes us unique is our key service attributes. Have a look at that below.

    • The timely arrival of the moving professionals
    • Efficient team to handle any size moving
    • Using the right tools and equipment
    • Timely accomplishment with no hidden charges

As business owners, we realize how much trouble once needs to go through while performing Corporate Moving. You might be desperately looking for an efficient team of office moving professionals. We must say you are in the right place! The process has to be quick and smooth for the comfortable running of the company. We generally offer a day-time service, but we can offer early morning or even evening office relocation. Our extensive fleet of vehicles allows us to move a corporate office from 1 employee / 1 desk to 300 employees / 300 desk. Our office relocation includes desks, computers, shelves, Documents, etc.


Commercial Shop Removalists Perth


Our team of experienced movers in Perth can open or close your shop or any commercial business. No matter if you have a café in South Perth, a book shop in Perth CBD, or Hairdresser Salon in Mount Lawley, we can help you with your move.


We can transport your fridge, commercial chest freezer, large bookshelves, table and chairs, commercial desk, or any business furniture or shop. We have the right size of truck to fit in tight access or shopping centre.


Our commercial mover’s team has all the necessary gear to be efficient and make sure that you meet your business deadlines. All our trucks are set up with tailgate, and our movers can transport any heavy commercial fridges or heavy shop gears.


We aim to provide you with the best office removals. Our logistics specialist will always analyze your needs in order to provide you with the most efficient trucking and staffing configuration, in link with deep thinking of the project organization to give you the cheapest service for your need.


We can accommodate your needs and move your business even with short notice. Please make contact with us for a non-obligation-free quote.


Local Warehouse Removals & Business Movers Perth


Expanding your business is always a satisfying time, and your need to find the right movers.


Moving a large business, with a warehouse, required professional movers as you need the right gears for your heavy material and make sure that the removal company can meet your deadlines without any issues and damages.


In any case, you are moving your warehouse or large industrial company. Give us a call. Over the years, we did move numerous or larges businesses with success.


For Companies with warehouses, large racks, specific gears, heavy materials, industrial machinery, heavy business furniture, workshop. We can allocate very large trucks with heavy-duty tailgate, numerous experienced removalists, and flexible time and resources.


Office Furniture Delivery and Assembly Service Perth


If you just bought a brand new cabinet for your company to give your office a new fresh look, give us a call! Put furniture together is never easy and can be a real hassle sometimes. Especially if you don’t have time and you are busy with your daily duty or running your business. So why not call an office movers specialist in Perth?


Kroos Logistics provides a furniture assembly service and can put your furniture together. Our team of experienced and friendly office movers Perth have all the right tools to build your large desk and set it up properly in your new office. We can pick up your office furniture from any shop or any private seller around Perth, even with short notice.


Office Junk Removals and Shop Strip Out Perth


Unused furniture in your office? Unwanted Items? OR If you want some cabinet, furniture, or any business gears to go to the tip and you need to find a junk removalist in Perth, Give us a call.


Kroos Logistics provides a wide range of services and rubbish collection is one of them. We are a junk removal specialist in Perth and can pick up your unwanted furniture or items of your business.


If you are changing your office design completely and need a full commercial shop strip out, Get in touch with us. We can send two or more professional movers with all the right gears for your shop strip out for a fresh and clean start.


Your shop or business will be empty within a few hours, ready for a new start. We can send staff with short notice, and our quotes are generally given within half a day.


We know very well that moving a business, no matter the size, can be very challenging and that you can’t fail and have any downtime. A mistake is not permitted, and you have to meet your deadlines to start your new activity on time.


Among all the office removalists in Perth, you will find a lot of Office movers and business providers.


Business movers Perth


Kroos Logistics has been operating in Perth metro area for numerous years now. Over the years, our diligent and dedicated team successfully relocated hundreds of companies, and we’ve been ranked among the top moving companies specialist in business relocation in Perth.


Our experienced and trustworthy movers can promptly relocate any office, warehouse, or shop with no damages and total dedication to your needs.


If you wish to avoid downtime for your corporate relocation, our operation team can organise an early start or late kick-off in order not to disturb your normal activity.


If needed, we can allocate a large crew with different truck sizes.


Business relocation specialist in Perth


Our customer network built over the years is made of every kind of industry going from IT, real estate, oil and gas, mining, café, shops etc …


Those clients rated us with high feedback, and total satisfaction from the service received.


Kroos Logistics movers have been ranked number one business removalists in Perth by numerous sites and customer service recommendations platforms.

So Why choose KROOS Logistics for your office move?


  • Our manager and director have years of experience in Transport, Logistics, Removals, and Supply Chain. Our management has a Masters’s degree in Logistics.
  • Our movers are trained properly and have experience in any kind of move ( Household removal, apartment move) and a lot of experience in business relocation ( Office move, commercial relocation, warehouse removals, machinery transportation ).
  • We have relocated large offices in Perth with more than 100 employees, but single office too with only one desk or one employee. We have more than 4000 moves under our belt.

Flexibility and Organisation

  • We can accommodate your business needs and make sure that your relocation works smoothly. We are happy to allocate crew early morning, late afternoon. We can allocate a few trucks or more workers to meet your deadlines and your requirements.
  • Once your job details are received by our management, we will analyse your technical needs and set up the Logistics organisation.


  • Our online reviews and customers feedback speaks from themselves. We take pride in our job, and all our employees are the best professionals in Perth. We hire people with a good attitude, willing to go the extra mile, and skilled people.