Successful & On Budget Removals in Perth CBD: Customer Success Story

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Moving from and to Perth central business district can be challenging and you definitely need to hire professional movers as you will need some advice and tips in order to prepare for your removal.

On top of that, access can be difficult due to the limited parking spot and extensive traffic.

Kroos Logistics Removals crew has a lot of experience in city removal as we did perform hundreds of move in the Perth metro area.

Today we will speak about one of them:

Moving from an apartment in Perth Central

What is the Apartment Moving Requirement of Customer?

Our customer called us to enquire about our price and service. After consulting our website and our Instagram and Facebook, he decided to select us as he noticed that we did move numerous family from this area.

We spoke with him on the phone and asked him about his location and volume.

The pick-up place was right in the center of Perth, in a very busy street with high traffic and strict parking restrictions. We advised him to use our small 3 tons truck.

Indeed, it’s our job as a professional to give advice on the size of the truck and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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How we perform entire Perth CBD Removals?

The customer told us that it was not a problem. However, he was on a budget and didn’t want to do more than one run. ( Read more: how to choose a budget removalist )

We asked him for a written list of his items and after calculation, we told him that everything could fit in one run, only if he was willing to take the small items in his car. We would only focused on boxes and furniture.

We did lock the move in and gave him all our tips on how to prepare his move. But most important we gave him some organisation tips on how to prepare a flat move.

  • We arrived on-site and everything was done: parking spot booked, building manager was there and lift set up for his relocation.
  • We started the removal straight away and our removalist stacked all his items properly in the truck and made everything fit in one run.

By choosing a professional moving company, the customer saved a lot of money and hassle; everything was prepared neatly, no issues with the strata manager and our skilled removalist made everything fit in one go.

If you are looking for movers in the Perth CBD area, below are the suburbs where we are operating:

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