• “We” means KROOS LOGISTICS REMOVALS ABN 68205855933 and “Us” and “Our “have corresponding meanings.
  • “You” means the party entering into this agreement for services with Us, and includes the party to whom Our quotation is addressed and the party by whom the acceptance is signed, and “Your” has a corresponding meaning.
  • “Goods” means all furniture and other effects which are to be the subjects of the services.
  • “Services” means the whole of the work to be undertaken by Us in connection with the Goods including removal.
  • “Subcontractor” means any person other than one of Our employees who, under any agreement or arrangement with Us (whether directly or indirectly) performs or agrees to perform the whole or any part of the service.

1. Words in the singular include the plural, and words in one or more genders include all genders.

2. We are not Common Carriers

We are not Common Carriers and accept no such liability as such. We reserve the right to refuse to quote for the carriage of goods for any particular person and for the carriage of any goods or classes of goods at our discretion.

3. Your Obligation and Warranties

  • 3.1 We have relied upon information supplied by You. You warrant that the information You have provided Us is correct and true.
  • 3.2 You warrant that You are the owner of the goods or authorized to act on behalf of the owner.
  • 3.3 The pre-existing condition of any goods will be verbally agreed upon and in order to agree on these arrangements, You will ensure that You or Your appointed representative is present at all times during loading/unloading, in all situations. Where You or Your representatives leave, for any amount of time, we will not repair, or compensate You for any damage.
  • 3.4 You will provide written notice of goods prior to the commencement of the removal or storage which are of a fragile or brittle nature and which are not readily apparent as such and any special precautions that should be taken when carrying those goods that we cannot reasonably be expected to be aware of.
  • 3.5 You will provide written notice of items which compromise jewellery, precious objects, works of art, money, collections of items or precision equipment, and all items valued in excess of $3000, prior to the commencement of the removal or storage services.

4. Method of Carriage and Subcontractors

  • 4.1 We shall be entitled to carry the goods by any reasonable route, (having regard to all circumstances including the nature and destination of any Goods being carried on the vehicle) and by any reasonable means.
  • 4.2 We may use a subcontractor or subcontractors to undertake the whole or any part of the services, but if we do so, We will continue to be responsible to You for the performance of the Services.
  • 4.3 Liability of Subcontractors and Employees. Any provisions in these conditions which limit Our liability also apply to Our subcontractors and to our employees and to the employees of Our subcontractors. For the purpose of this sub-clause, We are or are deemed to be acting as an agent or trustee on behalf of each of the persons referred to, and each of them shall to that extent be deemed to be parties to this agreement.

5. Delivery

We shall not be bound to deliver the Goods except to You or a person authorized by you to receive the goods. If we cannot deliver the goods either because there is no authorized person there to receive them on Our arrival or because We cannot gain access to the premises. Or for any other reason beyond our control, We will be entitled to unload the goods into a warehouse, and will be entitled to charge an additional amount for storage and for the subsequent re-delivery of the Goods. If this happens, We will endeavor to contact You to ascertain whether You have alternative instructions.

6. Charges & Payment

  • 6.1 Our rates exclude packing materials and/or other goods and services not stated or agreed upon.
  • 6.2 A minimum rate of 2 hours will be charged for all removals and relocation jobs. For any single items delivery we will give a flat rate (check with our operation team to get a price). Please refer to our rates page for more details.
  • 6.3 Time used start from the time We arrive at the specified point of collection and ends upon completion of the job (customer job sign-off) at the delivery destination. Please note that packing and unloading the truck with our gears takes up to 5 minutes at both ends.
  • 6.4 Delays due to traffic conditions or road repairs, selection of route and the like and vehicle break down are inherent. We will not be liable for any loss or damage or consequential loss as a result of Our transit or being delayed for any reason other than factors within our control.
  • 6.5 Fully payment must be done on the removal/delivery day after the job in cash or credit card + 2,5 % service charge for credit card payment.

7Cancellation Policy

Changes or cancellation made more than 48 hrs. prior to the scheduled moving will be free of any charges.

8. Exclusions

We will not be liable for any loss or damage, nor any delay which result from any cause beyond our control like weather, rain, hail, storm etc. Also we aren’t liable for goods they get damaged during transportation or transit.

  • 8.1 If the Goods sustain damage by reason of defective or inadequate packing or unpacking, and the packing or unpacking (as the case maybe) was not undertaken by Us, We will not be liable.
    • Please note that all the packing done by yourself ( packed by owner ) is done under your responsibility and we won’t be responsible for any damages of your items in crates, boxes and any household packing. This includes the loading of storage unit, truck and container not done by us
  • 8.2 Certain goods (including but not limited to electrical, mechanical appliances, computer equipment, scientific instruments, certain musical instruments, glass furniture and mirrors, pot plants, and furniture made of pressed wood,) are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder being moved no matter how carefully they are handled. We will not be liable in respect of these items.
    • Flatpack and DIY furniture at low price made from compressed and cheap wood, light plywood or light plastics from shops like Ikea, Fantastic furniture, Amart, etc … Cannot be moved safely because of their flimsiness and risk to be damaged during the transport. We will point it to you while moving and you will take the decision if you want it move or not and you will take full responsibility for it.
    • Television must be transported in a TV box. No responsibility will be taken if not packed in a TV box. Furthermore, it’s your responsibility to take a photo of the TV in working order before to pack the TV in box. (with screen on).
    • By contracting Kroos Logistics Removals, you agreed of all our operations process in point 14.
  • 8.3 Part of the removal may require the dismantling of goods and their re-assembly. At your request we may do so but accept no responsibility for any damage or loss occurring or resulting. We do not guarantee reassembly and will charge for the time it takes regardless of non-completion.

9. Loss or Damage

  • 9.1 As the existing condition of the Goods are subject to verbal agreement, You must inspect all the Goods as they are unloaded and/or relocated and any damage considered to have been caused by Us must be reported prior to the completion of the service. No claims will be accepted for any damage discovered after We have left the move. Where such damage is discovered the broken goods are to be left as found and We are to be immediately contacted.
  • 9.2 Where You or a person with Your agreement participates in the move, We are not liable for any damage not caused by Us. We will only be liable for loss or damage resulting from our negligence and in any event liability will be limited to $100 per item and will not exceed $1000. If you like to have a full cover of your move please get your private removals insurance. You can find removal insurances here
  • 9.3 We have the option to repair and We will repair damaged Goods to as near the condition prior to the damage occurring and these repairs will be arranged by Us. No responsibility is accepted for any other losses whatsoever including any consequential loss or loss of value as a result of the repairs.
  • 9.4 When an item is part of a pair, sets, suite or collection of items, repair or compensation will only be extended to the proportionate part of the pair, set suite or collection of items, regardless of any special value the damage or lost part may have as part of such a pair, set suite or collection of items.

10. Insurance

  • 10.1 We agree in writing to provide standard public liability and marine insurance. To see full details about our standard insurances, please see Clause nos. 10.2 to 10.4.
  • 10.2 We provide standard public liability insurance and standard marine insurance without any extra cost to the customer.
  • 10.3 Coverage of Public Liability insurance is up to $10 Million and Coverage for Marine insurance is up to $50 000 per truckload (Only in case of road accident). Excess for above-mentioned insurances is $500 and $250 respectively (payable by the customer). Certificate of Currency is available upon request.
  • 10.4 To increase the coverage for above-mentioned insurances, and to avoid insurance excess fee, customer needs to agree in writing, and pay higher charges for removal services prior to the move.

11. Your Responsibility

It will be Your responsibility to:

  • 11.1. Arrange adequate insurance cover for the goods submitted for removal transit, against all insurable risks since our liability is limited under clauses 8 and 10.
  • 11.2 Obtain at Your own expense, all documents, permits, permissions, licenses, customs documents necessary for the removal to be completed.
  • 11.3 Be present or represented throughout the collection and delivery of the removal.
  • 11.4 Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is taken away in error. And ensure, all the goods which were submitted for removal, delivered in full at destination point, customer has right to check the vehicle if they have any doubts.
  • 11.5 Where we provide you with inventories, receipts, waybills, job sheets or other relevant documents you will ensure that they are signed by You or Your authorized representative as confirmation of collection or delivery of the Goods
  • 11.6 Arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other people such as (but not limited to) tenants or workmen are, or will be present.
  • 11.7 Prepare adequately and stabilize all appliances or electronic equipment prior to their removal.
  • 11.8 Empty, properly defrost and clean refrigerators and deep freezers. We are not responsible for the contents.
  • 11.9 Ensure that all domestic and garden appliances, including but not limited to washing machines, dish washers, hose pipes, petrol lawn mowers are clean and dry and have no residual fluid left in them.
  • 11.10 Provide us with a correct and up to date contact address and telephone number during removal transit of goods.
  • 11.11 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises (eg: size of sofa and size of aperture). Our removalists will not be insured to remove doors or windows in such cases and will be forced to drop the items outside the premises. It is the customer’s responsibility to organize a specialist if needed.

12. Rest Break

Where the duration of the move exceeds 4 hours, We will be entitled to a 30 minute meal or rest break for which no reduction or deduction will be made in calculating the duration of the move.

13. Working Hours

Our working hours are from 7am-6pm.

14. Legislation

The Law which governs this agreement will be the law of the State of Western Australia and can not be altered by this US.

15. Our operations and organization process

By booking us, KROOS LOGISTICS, you agreed the following : 

  • We can’t give a fix starting time or appointment for your job, only a three hours timeframe. Except if your job is scheduled first thing in the morning. We can give you an indication about timeframe the day before the move, only one day prior of your removal. A better ETA will be given by our drivers one hour before arrival on the move day. We can’t be considerate as late if arrival within this three-hour timeframe.
  • Once the truck is parked, we generally spend 5 minutes unloading our equipment, set up our gears for safety. We will spend 5 other minutes with you to know what our removalist must take. Same for delivery.
  • At the end of the job, the movers will spend a few min to clean and swept the truck. All the blankets have to be properly folded at the end of the job.
  • It is not authorized to leave the house or leave the site unattended. Our movers will stop working if nobody is home.
  • Every furniture, no matter the value, will be wrapped with blankets or protection. This is our standard quality service. This take time, but it’s part of KROOS Logistics operation process. All the blankets have to be properly folded at the end of the job.
  • It is not allowed to rush the removalist and push them to go faster. Our movers works quickly, but the safety of our workers is the priority. By rushing or running on a job, damages and injuries will occurred. Our team leader will call our management in case of any problems.
  • We won’t he held responsible for any loading not done by us (Storage unit, container, shed etc … ).
  • Any damages occurring in PBO boxes (pack by owner ) and therefore pack by yourself is your full responsibility. KROOS Logistics removals can’t he held responsible for damages in boxes, crates or any material or container pack by yourself.
  • We won’t take any responsibilities for damages if people (friend or relatives or anybody) are helping on the job and lifting furniture for you.
  • It’s your responsibility to check if the movers have taken everything. You must do a final check and let them know.
  • The time spent on bed set up and furniture assembly is unpredictable. Our team will always do their best to set up furniture and bed in a fast but safe way.
  • Damages on the property or on the furniture has be pointed out before the departure of the removalist. We won’t take any responsibility for claim once the movers left the house.
  • As specified in point 8-2 , some appliances and furniture can suffer from damages during the transport, and KROOS Logistics can’t be held responsible for that.
  • Television must be transported in a TV box. No responsibility will be taken if not packed in a TV box. Furthermore, it’s your responsibility to take a photo of the TV in working order before to pack the TV in box. (with screen on).
  • If needed, for heavy items, or some appliances you might have to buy some carpet pads or rubber protection to protect the floor ( for ex : piano ) as the feet could damage wooden floors. 
  • For all fabrics (mattresses, couches, or anything made of fabric) you will have to buy plastic wrap bags in order to cover those items. No responsibility will be taken by Kroos Logistics for mark or stains
  • Picture and paintings must be bubble wrap or pack in a picture pack . 
  • Fridge has to be fully emptied.
  • All your furniture, shelves and drawers must be emptied, and all your belongings packed in boxes, crates or packing gears.