Tips on How to Pack TV for Moving with/without Box

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Today, as a preparation for your move, we will be talking on how to prepare your TV to be moved safely.

Television might be one of your most precious and valuable possession and it’s important to wrap and pack it carefully to avoid damages.

The most sensitive part of a TV is its screen, so no matter which option you choose below, the screen has to be protected carefully.

How to Protect the TV screen. 3 Easy Tips

  1. If you have still the original TV box, you might have kept the screen foam protection.
  2. Use this screen foam protection to cover your TV.
  3. You can tape the foam protection around the TV if needed.

How to Packing TV using a proper box?

Here we have two options.

  1. Either you still have your original box from the TV and you can use it again. OR
  2. You can buy a specific TV box in any packing providers or storage places.

In any case, cover the screen with either bubble wrap or foam, use the polystyrene blocks(as a result the TV won’t mine in the box).

Tape the TV box well and respect the loading arrow sign on the carton(TV can’t be upside down).

What If No, TV box?

If you have no TV box, our moving crew can move your TV.

However, if your TV is pricey or valuable, we strongly recommend using a specific TV box.

Tips on How to Pack TV without Box for moving

  1. Use bubble wrap to cover the screen(up to 3 layers).
  2. Leave the feet on.
  3. You can use a flat-pack box to protect the screen (flat on the screen and tape).
  4. Our removalist team will then cover the TV inside the truck with quilted blankets, and all the required moving protections.
Complete Packed TV for Moving by Kroos Experts

NB: Our movers won’t take off the TV from the wall (if wall mount bracket). You will have to do it yourself or Call a handyman.

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