Tips on How to Pack your Pantry and Grocery

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Packing your household items for move? What about Your kitchen? To make your move easy, today we will be talking about how to pack your food and groceries(from your pantry and your fridge).

Keep #3 Things in Mind While Packing Pantry and Grocery

  1. First of all Don’t Do Packing If you don’t feel like packing, you can call us as we provide a full relocation package, including packing of your house or only your kitchen if needed.
  2. How to Pack Fridge and food items inside it?
    • Please follow our moving packing tips about fridge(in our previous blog post).Kroos Logistics Fridge Removals by Expert
    • Regarding your food in your fridge, it’s important to coordinate with the movers.
    • Ask them when they will do the fridge to be ready to take off the food just before moving.
    • The main organisation tip we could give to customers is to monitor your food usage and try to shop as less as you can before the move and try to use all the leftover food.
    • This could be time for a good clean up, especially in the freezer. Use freezer shopping bags, esky, camping fridge.
    • For the food in the freezer, it important to keep the same temperature, otherwise this could be dangerous for your health.
    • We recommend a good esky or a camping fridge then. Don’t hesitate to put ice in the esky for the frozen food.
  3. How to Pack Pantry Items?
    • As a removalist, the main problem that we have with the pantry items are the weight of the boxes and leaks.
    • Please use small boxes. No bigger than book boxes. Make sure that every lid is closed, every package sealed.

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