Tips on How to Prepare Business Office for Removals

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Today we will talk about how to prepare your business (office, shop, company) for removals with expert tips.

As a preparation going on for office relocations, here are

Top #12 Tips to Prepare Business Office/Shop For Removals

  1. If a desk (in an office), please give a number to each desk or a name (ex: Philippe). When you pack the desk of the operator, please put the name or number on the box.
    Business Office Relocation by Kroos Logistics Team
  2. At the delivery place, put the name or number of the operator on the door (as a result, the movers knows where to dispatch the boxes or items).
  3. Everything has to be inboxes. No small random items whatsoever.
  4. Use preferably small book boxes if books or leaflet or anything paper. Otherwise, it might be too heavy.
  5. Computer and printer have to be unplugged by yourself.
  6. Computer screen packed in boxes.
  7. Filing cabinet can stay full. However, please lock it with keys.
  8. Fridge will have to be empty and unplugged before the removalist arrival. Check out Fridge Removals Tips for more.
    Office Table Moves by Kroos Logistics Expert
  9. Every desk, shelves or cabinet has to be emptied. The only items that can stay full will be filing cabinet.
  10. We can’t move the large business printer. Please call the company that rent it.
  11. We can take a small printer.
  12. We can’t take or move the large IT talk cabinet (the central IT system dashboard). Indeed it’s too heavy and sensitive. You will have to call the IT that will give you some instructions
  13. Some desk will have to be dismantled: let the movers take care of it (ex: board room).
    Office Board Room Table Dismantling by Kroos Removals Expert

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