Tips on How to Prepare Washing Machine for Move

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Finally, the time to move? Great! We all know that preparing your removals for the D day can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Our experts prepared some packing and preparation tips for you on order to make it smooth and steady. Today we will talk on how to prepare your washing machine for your removals.

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#4 Expert Tips to Prepare Washing Machine for Removals

  1. Time for a Good Cleaning
    • Moving can be an excellent time to clean your furniture or appliances!
    • Most of the washing machine has a cleaning cycle option, otherwise, just do am empty washing machine on the warm cycle and left it open for a full day.
  2. Hoses and Power Cable
    • First of all please note that Kroos Logistics provides a full set up service for your washing machine with all the required tools. So, If you don’t have time to do it, we can take care of this.
    • There is generally two water cables and one dirty water hose and one power plug.
    • Turn off the water. ✅
    • Unplug water cables and unscrew it from the wall and from the washing machine too.
    • Put the water cables in the washing machine.
    • Tape the dirty water hose and power cable to the top of the washing machine.
  3. Transit Bolts
    • When you bought your washing machine, it came with transit bolts.
    • You will have to put it back in order to make the transit smooth and safe. Use spanners if needed.
  4. Tape Cable and Hose
    • Make sure that all the cables and hoses are tape on top of the washing machine or at the back.

If you decide to move the washing machine yourself, the best way is to use a dolly(easier to manoeuvre).

Secondly, If you have any questions about your move or relocation, you can ask our team of experts.

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