Tips on How to Prepare your Bed for Removal

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When it comes to preparing your household items for your move, it’s important to have tips from experts to save money and time.

Today we will be speaking about bed removals tips and how to pack, prepare and make it easy when the movers will come.

Top #7 Tips to Prepare Bed for Removals by Experts

  1. Protect the Mattress
    • Most of the customers leave the bed sheets on the mattress to protect it. It’s enough to protect it from dust during transportation.
    • However if valuable mattress, we advise purchasing mattress cover protection. This can be found in most of the hardware store like Bunnings.
    • Kroos experts preparing bed for removals
  2. Dismantle the Bed
    • Beds have to be dismantled fully. If you don’t have time or don’t want to do it, Contact our removal team who have all the necessary tools for that.
    • The bed come in 5 parts generally(Bed head, Bed feet, Bedside length and Bed slats).
    • Make a bundle with the slats(using sticky tape).
    • Kroos logistics expert prepare bed for removals
    • Make sure that you put back the screws in the right hole or that you tape it to the bed part. Indeed losing the screws could be very annoying as most of the time-specific screws.
  3. Bedside Table
    • Make sure that you empty all the drawers, and tape it too.
  4. Bed base
    • In some cases, you will only have a bed base OR bed box underneath your mattress.
    • Kroos logistics expert prepare bed for removals
    • If king mattress it will be two single bases. Please unscrew all the feet and keep it in a bag.
    • If any drawers in your bed base, please take it off.
  5. Bunk Beds
    • If bunk bed, please use a drill(quicker) and keep all the screws in a bag. Don’t hesitate to write down the setting to remember it.
  6. Specific Beds
    • If any specific beds with special settings, please leave the movers to disassemble it. Same for medical beds.
  7. Bed sheets
    • All the bed sheets can be packed in bin bags or tea chest boxes.

That’s all for bed move.

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