Tips on Moving Heavy Furniture, Piano, Valuable Items

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Before to select your moving company in Perth, it’s important to know if they have the skills, knowledge and equipment to move your heavy or specific items.

Indeed, some items or furniture can only be moved by a removalist. Mostly due to the weight, the gears, the access or the experience of the people moving it.

What kind of items could be hard to move and it is compulsory to check if your moving company can do it?

Heavy Furniture Removals Tips

(1) Piano Removals


A piano can be very heavy and hard to move. You definitely need two to three guys and a piano dolly. Make sure that the moving business has the skills and this specific tool to relocate your piano safely.

  • Upright piano removal is easier to move. However, it could be up to 250 kg.
  • Grand piano or baby grand piano is different. You will definitely need a specialist in this kind of move.

The piano will have to be crated, padded and you will need some professional electric trolley.

(2) Marble or Stone Table or Stone Statues

Of course, needless to say, that those kinds of items are heavy. You will have to communicate with the moving company to know which kind of stone it is.

kroos Marble Stone table top move in perth

Indeed, some specific concrete of light stone required more attention. In some cases, the movers will have to bubble wrap the table to avoid chipping or dent on the edges.

The best moving company will use tools like moving cart to relocate your table safety. You often need 3 to 4 removalist for square indoor marble table as this is very heavy.

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(3) Pool Table

There are different sizes of pool table. A good moving company will ask you the size and model. The top is very heavy and the movers will either use a pool trolley or electric trolley.

You will have to describe the access to the removalist and especially if there is stairs or narrow corridor.

(4) Spa

Moving a spa can be very tricky. Indeed it’s bulky and heavy. Needless to say expensive. Most of the moving company don’t do spa removals. They often subcontracts to a spa moving company.

(5) Any heavy items with difficult access

It’s important that you communicate with the moving company if any difficult access and heavy items.

Why? As a result, the removalist can anticipate and organise the move without bad surprises.

Basically, if you have a narrow corridor, tight hallway, high steps, two-storey house or anything difficult, you will have to let the moving company know.

Especially if anything heavy as gym equipment, stone, heavy wood furniture, heavy glass furniture. Anything heavy with difficult access. In some cases (bad access and heavy items ) you will have to use a crane.

If any doubt before selecting your moving company in Perth, you can check online(google, social media) and see if this company used the right tools. Or simply has experience moving those kinds of difficult and heavy furniture.

Kroos Logistics Removals Perth has extensive experience and we can move your piano, pool table and any heavy furniture for your relocation. If you are looking for a piano removalist in Perth, give us a call, we will be glad to help.

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