Transport of Double Door Fridge: Customers Success Story

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In this customer success story, we will talk about the transport of a single item: a double door fridge.

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What is Fridge Transport Requirement of Customer?

Our customer Luke called us as he bought a double door fridge from an auction company.

Most of the people would think that it is easy to transport a French door fridge as you can use a Ute and do it yourself to save money.

But of course, you don’t want your fridge damaged or with scratches, dent or anything bad.

Especially a fridge with high value worth more than $2000.

In some cases, you need specific tools or knowledge of this kind of situation to make sure everything works fine.

How we perform entire transportation?

We asked the customer some details, especially what kind of fridge and the access at the delivery (we knew already the auction pick up place as our team went there a few times).

For this kind of operation, we generally give a fix price.

The delivery was easy and took us 30 minutes. We inspected the fridge thoroughly before signing the paperwork as this is our responsibility to tell the customer if anything wrong.

Once loaded and carefully wrapped in the truck, we headed to the customer place and did let him know about ETA.

French Door fridge Transport Cockburn by Kroos Logistics

Once we arrived, we inspected the house and could notice that the door was very narrow. No other access. The fridge was pretty wide too. We tried and check and the fridge didn’t fit.

What we did?

  1. Dismantle the door of the house.
  2. Take off the handle of the fridge.
  3. The fridge was still too wide. We then decided to dismantle the door of the fridge.
  4. You need knowledge to do this kind of work as there is often water and electric plugging to take off carefully.
  5. It took us an additional 20 min, but the fridge has been delivered safe and sound.

Well done boys!

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